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Patched GIF Processing Vulnerability CVE-2019-11932 Still Afflicts Multiple Mobile Apps

By Lance Jiang and Jesse Chang CVE-2019-11932, which is a vulnerability in WhatsApp for Android, was first disclosed to the public on October 2, 2019 after a researcher named Awakened discovered that attackers could use maliciously crafted GIF files to allow remote code execution. The vulnerability was patched with version 2.19.244 of WhatsApp, but the under
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Stalkerware’s legal enforcement problem

Content warning: This piece contains brief descriptions of domestic violence and assault against women and children. In the past five years, only two stalkerware developers, both of whom designed, marketed, and sold tools favored by domestic abusers to pry into victims’ private lives, have faced federal consequences for their actions. Following a guilty p
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WhatsApp spyware is being used to curtail the freedom of the press in India

In most cases malware is associated with theft. From keyloggers that collect passwords and credit card details to sophisticated tools for breaking into secure company networks, malware has many uses – mostly for committing crime. However, a new use has emerged in recent months – citizen surveillance. Political activists and journalists under investigation Me
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ACCESS Act might improve data privacy through interoperability

Data privacy is back in Congressional lawmakers’ sights, as a new, legislative proposal focuses not on data collection, storage, and selling, but on the idea that Americans should be able to more easily pack up their user data and take it to a competing service—perhaps one that better respects their data privacy. The new bill would also require certain t
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Facebook sues NSO Group for WhatsApp spyware attack

 Social media giant Facebook, owner of the WhatsApp messaging platform, has filed a lawsuit against NSO Group, an Israeli company that develops software for intelligence agencies. Back in May 2019, NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware was found to have spread to about 1,400 mobile devices via a remotely exploitable vulnerability in the iOS and Android versions o
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Want Your Kids to Care More About Online Safety? Try These 7 Tips

The topics parents need to discuss with kids today can be tough compared to even a few years ago. The digital scams are getting more sophisticated and the social culture poses new, more inherent risks. Weekly, we have to breach very adult conversations with our kids. Significant conversations about sexting, bullying, online scams, identity fraud, hate speech
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15 Easy, Effective Ways to Start Winning Back Your Online Privacy

Someone recently asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year, and I had to think about it for a few minutes. I certainly don’t need any more stuff. However, if I could name one gift that would make me absolutely giddy, it would be getting a chunk of my privacy back. Like most people, the internet knows way too much about me — my age, address, phone
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China widely disrupted WhatsApp in the country, broadening online censorship

The popular instant messaging application WhatsApp has been widely blocked in mainland China by the Government broadening online censorship. Bad news for the Chinese users of the popular instant messaging app WhatsApp because the application has been widely blocked in mainland China by the Government. Users are not able to send text messages, photo and video
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Did you receive a WhatsApp subscription ending email or text? Watch out!

Did you receive a WhatsApp subscription ending email or text? Watch out! It is a scam to steal your payment and personal data. Researcher Graham Cluley is warning of bogus ‘WhatsApp subscription ending’ emails and texts. Internet users are receiving an email pretending to be from WhatsApp and warning them of the ending for an alleged WhatsApp subscription. A
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New WhatsApp updates on the way – how to stay safe

Tips to be protected against WhatsApp malware As the most popular messaging application of all time, you would expect WhatsApp to be updated with new features quite regularly. Sure enough, a new update is due to arrive in a matter of days, offering several new functions that will make the app even more useful. But like every new update, you need to take care
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Austrian parties SPÖ and ÖVP want Whatsapp monitoring

Austrian SPÖ and ÖVP parties are fighting for WhatsApp instant messaging and plan further measures to fight the terrorism. Both the Austrian Social Democratic Party of Austria (SPÖ) and the Austrian People’s Party (Österreichische Volkspartei; ÖVP) are fighting for instant messaging monitoring such as WhatsApp. The experts believe that the Government w
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A Backdoor to WhatsApp to Prevent Terrorism?

The recent tragedy in London has rekindled the debate surrounding privacy in the age of terrorism, specifically in the UK, where Home Secretary Amber Rudd is voicing harsh criticism of end-to-end encryption messaging services. It is believed that Khalid Masood, the terrorist responsible for the deaths of four people on Westminster Bridge, had connected to Wh
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WhatsApp, message encryption and national security

Is Whatsapp the perfect communication channel for terrorists? The devastating terrorist attack that took place in London last week has brought grief to the UK and the rest of the world. The police that investigation into the incident has raised a number of questions, that could have far-reaching consequences. WhatsApp and messaging encryption hits the headli
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British interior minister says IT companies should stop offering a “secret place for terrorists to communicateR

British interior minister Amber Rudd believes encryption implemented by messaging services is offering a dangerous opportunity for terrorists to communicate. British interior minister Amber Rudd has a clear opinion on encryption implemented by many messaging services, it is no more acceptable. On Sunday the minister Amber Rudd reaffirmed that technology firm
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Just one picture would have used to take over WhatsApp and Telegram accounts

A single picture could have been used by attackers to hack the popular secure messaging applications WhatsApp and Telegram. Security experts from Checkpoint have discovered a vulnerability that was present in both messaging services. The hack only affected the browser-based versions of both WhatsApp and Telegram. The flaw affected the way both apps process
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