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UK Man Arrested in Connection to VTech Hack

UK law enforcement has announced the arrest of an individual as part of its ongoing investigation into the hack against VTech, a provider of electronic learning products.On Tuesday, officers from the South East Regional Organized Crime Unit (SEROCU) published a statement in which they explain the status of their investigation.“A 21-year-old man was ar
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Man arrested in toymaker hack that exposed data for millions of kids

UK police said they have arrested a 21-year-old man in connection to the November breach of electronic toymaker VTech, a hack that exposed personal data of almost 12 million people, including gigabytes worth of headshot photos and chat logs for millions of kids and parents.Further ReadingHacked toymaker leaked gigabytes’ worth of kids’ headshots and chat log
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VTech: Data breach reveals how much we value even our children’s mobile devices

Last week, an attacker stole data on millions of individuals from VTech, a company that sells Android-powered tablets and other toys geared toward children’s learning. The hack, illuminates how much data we trust to mobile device and software providers — even when we’re using PCs. Parents use VTech’s Learning Lodge app store to purchase apps, games, eB
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VTech Hack – Over 7 Million Records Leaked (Children & Parents)

And once again, the messy technical flaws of a company are being exposed with the recent VTech hack – it’s really not looking good for them with account passwords ‘secured’ with unsalted md5 hashes and all kinds of private information being leaked includes parents addresses, kids birthdays, genders, secret answers and associated meta-
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Hacked toymaker leaked gigabytes’ worth of kids’ headshots and chat logs

VTech, the hacked maker of electronic toys and apps that leaked the data of 4.8 million customers, including hundreds of thousands of children, exposed gigabytes' worth of pictures and chat histories on the same compromised servers, according to an article published on Motherboard, the website that first broke news of the breach.The news website said a hacke
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Vtech hacked, data of thousands of kids exposed

Toy maker Vtech has been hacked exposing data of thousands of kids, this hack is the fourth largest consumer data breach to date. The greatest manufacturer of electronic toys Vtech, aka Video Technology Limited, was hacked. On 14 November, “an unauthorised party” managed to obtain access to the app store database o
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When children are breached—inside the massive VTech hack

Troy Hunt is the founder of haveibeenpwned.com. This post originally appeared on his website and is reprinted with his permission. Further ReadingGigabytes of user data from hack of Patreon donations site dumped onlineThe inclusion of source code and databases suggests breach was extensive.I suspect we’re all getting a little bit too conditioned to
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