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IAM: Proprietary Vs Cloud

IAM: Proprietary Vs Cloud Posted by Kevin on June 1, 2015.Wisegate will shortly publish the results of a survey into the current state of Identity and Access Management (IAM) maturity within business. Almost 150 CISOs took part. What we’re going to look at today is attitudes towa
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NSTIC – it will prove our identity but will it protect our privacy?

NSTIC – it will prove our identity but will it protect our privacy? Posted by Kevin on May 4, 2015.NSTIC, the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace, is an Obama initiative designed to make internet usage more secure for everyday users. It will do this by allowing third
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Identity verification in the UK

Identity verification in the UK A little while ago I spoke to an American security officer involved in the US government online identity schemes. He seemed to think that the UK’s Verify system showed promise that could be emulated elsewhere.The Rt Hon Francis Maude MPThe Rt Hon F
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