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40,000 Reasons to Test Your DDoS Mitigation Posture

Any thoracic surgeon will tell you that implanting a pacemaker is never complete before its settings have been thoroughly validated. A patient is only discharged from hospital once the pacemaker’s configurations have been optimized for the patient’s comfort and physical security. Discharging a patient without validating the pacemaker’s settings is unthinkabl
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"ASP.NET MVC: Data Validation Techniques"

Guest Editor: Today's post is from Taras Kholopkin. Taras is a Solutions Architect at SoftServe, Inc. In this post, Taras will take a look at the data validation features built into the ASP.NET MVC framework.Data validation is one of the most important aspects of web app development. Invest
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Payment Security and PCI DSS Compliance 2015

Verizon has published its annual PCI Compliance Report 2015 covering data up to the end of 2014, describing compliance, the sustainability of controls and ongoing risk management.PCI Compliance Report 2015 analyses information from PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) assessments undertaken by Verizon between 2012 and 2014, together with additional data from
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