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‘Wicked’ Problems in Information Security

Incorporating security activities into the natural workflow of productive tasks makes it easier for people to adopt new technologies and ways of working, but it’s not necessarily enough to guarantee that you’ll be able to solve a particular security-usability issue. The reason for this is that such problems can be categorised as wicked.Rittel and Webber in ‘
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Security and Usability

Many employees find information security secondary to their normal day-to-day work, often leaving their organisation vulnerable to cyber attacks, particularly if they are stressed or tired.When users perform tasks that comply with their own mental models (i.e. the way that they view the world and how they expect it to work), the activities present less of a
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Crypto in the box, stone age edition

IntroductionFirst of all, Happy New Year to everyone! I hope 2016 will be a fantastic and healthy year, filled with fun, joy, energy, and lots of pleasant surprises.I remember when all of my data would fit on a single floppy disk. 10 times. The first laptops looked like (and felt like) mainframes on wheels and the ent
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