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Tumblr Restores Service Following DDoS Attack

Tumblr is back up and running following a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack that took the social media platform down for several hours.At approximately 15:15 EST on 22 December, online status tools reported the website was down. Tumblr confirmed as much on Twitter, saying some of its users were “experiencing latency affecting the dashboard.&#
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Here’s What Happens After Your Webmail Account is Compromised

2016 will forever be remembered for all the “mega-breaches” that exposed users’ personal information. Most of those larger-than-life security incidents dated back several years, with some breaches having made a larger splash in the security community than others. LinkedIn and Tumblr certainly stood out. But all other events paled in compari
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Cluster of “megabreaches” compromises a whopping 642 million passwords

Less than two weeks after more than 177 million LinkedIn user passwords surfaced, security researchers have discovered three more breaches involving MySpace, Tumblr, and dating website Fling that all told bring the total number of compromised accounts to more than 642 million."Any one of these 4 I'm going to talk about on their own would be notable, but to s
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The official Dido website: “Cheap flower delivery”

We’ve noticed some oddities on singer Dido‘s website and thought we’d take a closer look. The news page has been silent since January, until the 6th of June rolled around and now we have two decidedly not-very-Dido updates about “cheap flower delivery”: The text reads as follows, complete with links to the flowers site and her
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“To view this content, you need the Tumblr Plugin”

While digging through a number of popular hashtags on Tumblr, we noticed the following page located at dangerouslovedinosaur(dot)tumblr(dot)com Fantastic URL aside, it sports a message which should set a few alarm bells ringing and the URL is being sent around via the following piece of Tumblr message spam: I literally can't believe I just found your blog, l
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“Personality Type” App Doing the Rounds on Tumblr

We’re seeing a fair bit of activity over on Tumblr right now, in relation to a “personality type” app in circulation. Here’s an example post: It reads as follows: There are 16 personality types. This app can draw your personality profile analyzing your Tumblr account, including your posts and tags The “Give it a try” link
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The “Kevin the Game Dev” Tumblr Spam Run

Say hello to “Kevin“. He can’t help but send multiple spam comments to Tumblr users, asking them to try a game he’s been “working on”. The messages are all mostly the same, except for the name of the company he supposedly works at and the game he’s asking people to try out. As best we can tell, the games mentioned ar
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Twitter Phishing Spamrun: “Strange Rumors About You”

Thanks to Janne Ahlberg for notifying us about an ongoing Twitter spam attack which is sending potential victims to phishing pages via a Tumblr redirect. Compromised Twitter accounts and / or bots are sending variations of the below to Twitter users: You may wanna see this strange rumor about you [Tumblr URL] We’ve seen some 200+ messages sent in the
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Beware of Risky Ads on Tumblr

Online users have come to rely on social media and social networking sites to also update them on current events and commentaries, general news, and what’s happening just down the street and around the corner. Twitter and Facebook are the first go-to sites for most when it comes to real-time news updates. For some, Tumblr. dailynewsz[dot]tumblr[dot]com
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