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US military is working on the creation of separate unified cyber warfare command

President Donald Trump ordered the US Military to create a separate cyber warfare command tasked with cyber warfare operations. President Donald Trump wants to improve cyber capabilities of the US Military, he ordered it to create a separate cyber warfare command tasked with cyber warfare operations. President is thinking of a separate command specialized on
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New Wine in Old Bottles? – Continuity and Change in Trump Administration Cybersecurity Policy

The revised – and still draft – version of the Trump Administration’s first Executive Order (EO) on cybersecurity shows both continuity and positive change over the Obama Administration’s policy pronouncements, addressing federal agency network protection, critical infrastructure cybersecurity, and national cyber defense priorities.Federal Networ
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The Dangers of Using an Old Android are Real for Everyone (Even the President)

The presidency of Donald Trump kicked off with some controversy in the area of ​​cybersecurity. The NSA modified the BlackBerry of his predecessor, Barack Obama (who ended up having to part with it for security reasons), the new leader of the United States seems to be less concerned about the vulnerabilities of mobile devices and continues to use an old Andr
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A group of Iraqi hackers called Pro_Mast3r defaced a Trump website

The group of Iraqi hackers called “Pro_Mast3r” has breached the server hosting a Trump website associated with campaign donations. A group of hackers who is calling themselves “Pro_Mast3r” has defaced a website associated with President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign fundraising on Sunday. The website was hosted on the ser
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Anonymous promises war on Trump, and only line experts say how to hack his mobile

Anonymous declared war to US President-elect Donald Trump, hackers are threatening to expose his alleged affairs with Russians. Anonymous declared war to US President-elect Donald Trump, recently the collective threatened to expose his “financial and personal ties with Russian mobsters.” The group is claiming to have inside information on some o
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Ops also the Trump Organization uses insecure e-mail servers

According to a security researcher, the Trump Organization’s mail servers run on an outdated version of Microsoft Windows Server. Hillary Clinton is over in the storm for the violation of its private email server, even Trump has used the case to attack the rival. The irony of fate, now we are here discussing because also Trump’s staff has some pr
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Facebook’s not-so-smart algorithms

Facebook’s not-so-smart algorithms Posted by David Harley on June 26, 2016.Facebook’s suggestions for pages I might like are a constant source of amusement and bewilderment.Music stuff, OK. I’m not quite at the stage yet where my life is more focused on music than on
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Trump spam and torrents, oh my

We have another round of Donald Trump spam to take a look at today, as scammers naturally assume his “incredibly wealthy businessman” approach is a shoe-in for tricking people with cash related shenanigans. The mail in question is a fake CNN missive complete with Small picture of the Statue of Liberty Awesome satellite dish radio tower image nex
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Spammers Serve Trump and Movie Survey Mashup

I wondered for a moment if I’d been signed up to some sort of political taskforce when I opened up the spamtraps, but as it turns out spammers are just jumping on the Donald Trump bandwagon with the following missive: Claiming to be from “D. Trump”, the mail is titled “$ Trump reveals groundbreaking secrets to triple your income fast
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