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The MITRE ATT&CK Framework: What You Need to Know

The MITRE ATT&CK Framework has gained a lot of popularity in the security industry over the past year.I have spent a lot of time researching the hundreds of techniques, writing content to support the techniques, and talking about the value to anyone who will listen.What is the MITRE ATT&CK Framework?For those who are not familiar, ATT&CK is the A
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New Research Highlights Top Cyber-Attack Concerns for 2017

With such a lively 2016 ­for infosec – mega-breaches, new malware strains, inventive phishing techniques, and big debates between security and privacy – there’s plenty of reason to pause and consider what the security community should be most concerned about for 2017 and what they can do to prepare. Tripwire Survey: Preparing for Top Attacks of 2017 from
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My Summer 2016 Internship at Tripwire

My name is David. Now that you know my name, you should know technology is my passion.I’ve participated in the FIRST Robotics Competition, and I’m deeply knowledgeable about computer programming languages and software. But throughout my learning, I’ve always known cybersecurity would teach me and play an important part in my future career,
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Tripwire at Black Hat USA 2016: Cyberwar @ the Endpoint

Returning for its 19th year in sunny Las Vegas, the Black Hat USA conference is deemed one of the most technical and relevant information security events around the globe.Every year, thousands of attendees—ranging from security executives and recruiters to law enforcement and academia—come together to discuss the latest in security risk, research and trends.
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Security Pros Not Confident in Ability to Respond to Ransomware, Reveals Survey

On July 10th, we at The State of Security published our June 2016 ransomware roundup.It was a busy month for ransomware authors. The security industry witnessed the comeback of Locky, the rebranding of CryptXXX as UltraCrypter, and the emergence of educational ransomware, among other developments. Experts also saw some variants make unusually high ransom dem
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Flash’s Farewell Under Way

If there’s unanimity among security professionals in anything, it’s in their loathing of Adobe’s Flash Player. There’s yet to be an APT or exploit kit that hasn’t welcomed vulnerabilities in the development platform with open arms. And for all that misery tallied up in lost intellectual property and industrial secrets, and stole
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Threat Intelligence Fundamentals

With so many disparate offerings and so much pressure to be ‘conducting’ threat intelligence, companies today risk investing a lot of time and money with little positive effect on security.Threat intelligence is the process of moving topics from ‘unknown’ to ‘known unknowns’ by discovering the existence of threats within your environment and moving them to t
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On Tripwire and the Future of Security: A Letter from Tripwire’s President

I have been in the field of security for over two decades. During this time, I have seen solution providers deliver increasingly feature-rich and sophisticated products, solutions and services, enabling organizations to be more secure. Furthermore, I’ve seen many companies change their entire approach to cyber security – companies that, for the most part, fi
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My SecTor Story: Root Shell on the Belkin WeMo Switch

There were many activities hosted at SecTor 2015. My favorite activity was the Internet of Things Hack Lab sponsored by Tripwire.The term Internet of Things (IoT) refers to physical devices that have networking capabilities. These devices or “things” can vary greatly in terms of their capabilities, such as smart light bulbs, smart thermostats, and smart outl
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AIDE – Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment

AIDE (Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment) is a file and directory integrity checker, it was initially developed as a free replacement for Tripwire licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).How it WorksAide takes a “snapshot” of the state of the system, register hashes, modification times, and other data regarding the
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Tripwire Business Momentum Continues to Build in First Half of 2015

For Tripwire, 2015 is shaping up to be an outstanding year, filled with exciting opportunities, substantial growth and unmatched success.Today, we are thrilled to share with our customers, partners, employees and stakeholders that our business momentum continues to build in the first half of 2015.During the past six months, Tripwire saw double-digit growth i
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Security Slice: Security Research Worries

In early July, Hacking Team, a private spyware firm, had more than 400GB of data compromised and released via a torrent. The data dump included information about customers and security research the company conducted.How should security professionals protect their research in the aftermath of this breach?Listen to our latest Security Slice podcast and hear Ti
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Security Slice: Automotive Exploits

For a recent Wired article, two researchers remotely hacked a jeep carrying security reporter Andy Greenberg. In response, Fiat Chrysler issued the first automotive recall to resolve an information security issue. Approximately 1.4 million vehicles require emergency security patches.How will this exploit impact the automotive industry?Listen to our latest Se
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Searching the Enterprise for Known Indicators of Breach

Given the recent high-profile breaches, a key challenge facing government agencies and other security-minded organizations is rooting out malware that has already become embedded on key assets.Multiple vendors are offering cloud-based sandbox analytics services, and/or on-premises appliances, that can analyze new binaries to determine if they have suspicious
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Deconstructing the 2014 Sally Beauty Breach

This week, nationwide beauty products chain Sally Beauty disclosed that, for the second time in a year, it was investigating reports that hackers had broken into its networks and stolen customer credit card data. That investigation is ongoing, but I recently had an opportunity to interview a former Sally Beauty IT technician who provided a first-hand look at
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