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Third-Party Twitter Service Hacked to Push Out Nazi-Themed Tweets

Attackers hacked a third-party service and used their unauthorized access to push out Nazi-themed tweets from high-profile Twitter accounts.On 14 March, prominent companies, publishers, and personalities tweeted out messages containing swastikas and the hashtags #NaziGermany and #NaziHollan written in Turkish. It’s thought that supporters of Turkey sen
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Managing Security Risk Introduced by Third-Party Libraries

One of my tasks here at Tripwire is to capture, understand and track security issues in our software products. Generally, I think of this as a kind of “technical debt” called “security debt.” Like any kind of debt, the first step to managing and reducing it is identifying it. In my mind, this is something that is essential for a compa
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Only Half of Organisations Require Suppliers, Partners to Pass Security Audits, Says Survey

Although associating with third parties and outsourcing certain processes provides many benefits – from reducing costs to leveraging their expertise – many organisations choose to overlook the security risks accompanying these benefits.According to a recent survey conducted by Tripwire at the IP EXPO Europe in London earlier this month, 63 percent of the res
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Exploring Third Party Risks to Network Security

My first few blog entries were written at a time when I had had a couple of prowler incidents at my house, and I wrote about how I installed security counter measures. After all this time, I was out maintaining the motion sensors, and it occurred to me I hadn’t taken a look at my network security around the house lately and should put in some maintenan
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Nearly 1 in 3 Banks Don’t Require Third-Party Vendors to Alert Them of Breaches

Banks and financial institutions lack stronger security measures when it comes to doing business with third-party vendors, according to a recent report.On Thursday, the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) revealed that about one in three banks currently do not require third-party vendors to notify them when a data breach or intrusion occu
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Is Third-Party Software Worth It?

Several months ago, I was having a conversation with an engineer who was struggling with the various build system and legal hoops one has to deal with to include a third-party library.“Is third-party software even worth it?” he asked in frustration. At the time, the comment struck me as more than a little ridiculous.We use Java, which has a rich
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