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BleepingComputer Defends Freedom of Speech

Hey folks, Very recently, a very popular and useful website called Bleeping Computer reached out to the community at large asking for help. See, Bleeping Computer is known for helping out folks remove malware and keep their systems safe, without charging any fee or additional costs, similar to our own support forums. The content is provided by the volunteer
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Scheduled Tasks

Many years ago, I wrote a little batch file to find and delete Scheduled Tasks added by an adware variant called LOP. With the introduction of Task Scheduler 2.0 in Windows Vista, that batch became useless and unnecessary. But that doesn’t mean adware, and other malware, has forgotten about using Tasks. What are Scheduled Tasks? The Windows Task Scheduler is
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Logging In and Captcha

What is Captcha? CAPTCHA (“Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”) is one of the annoyances that we have learned to take for granted when we browse the internet. Captcha is a method developed to tell humans and bots apart. The main goal is to keep bots from accessing sites or systems where they are not welcome
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Goodbye CD Wallet. Hello ISOSTICK!

The ISOSTICK is a USB stick that masquerades as an external CD/DVD drive and loads ISOs from a removable MicroSD card. Many of our readers are the tech support, help desk and IT department for their friends when something goes wrong with their computers. Most often friends’ issues can be resolved by running our awesome Malwarebytes Anti-Malware solutio
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What are Online Problematic Situations: EU Kids Speak Up

The London School of Economics and Political Science, in partnership with the EU Kids Online Network, published a long white paper (171 pages!) about what children perceived as online problematic situations (OPS), in contrast to what researchers and/or parents thought were problematic, and why. The report also highlighted the types of risks children are awar
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