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5G rollout continues (slowly) across the UK

5G, the latest mobile connection technology, is slowly rolling out across the UK. EE, the largest mobile operator in the UK, has recently announced that 5G connectivity has rolled out to another 14 cities, bringing the total to 45. 5G offers connection speeds that are even faster than most home broadband in the UK – up to 410Mbps. This means that you will be
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Working Abroad: What Countries Have the Fastest Internet?

Have you ever tried to download and watch a movie at an airport? The loading circle of death is enough to get on your last nerve as well as make even the shortest trip last a lifetime. As shown by this scenario, the Internet speed is something that you probably don’t notice until it’s bad. Reasons You May Need Fast Internet Abroad Internet speed becomes an
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Facial recognition at all U.S. airports

U.S. Citizens May Soon Required to Pass Facial Recognition Checks at All U.S. Airports The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) wants to amend the current regulations and start requiring all travelers, including U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents, to be photographed upon entry and/or departure of any U.S. airport. The current rule states that any t
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UK Labour Party Promises Free Fibre Broadband For All

The UK election finally takes place on December 12th and each of the parties has been busily campaigning to secure as many votes as possible. Along the way, many announcements and pledges have been made, as politicians outline their vision of a future under a government they lead. The Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrat parties have all declared headl
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Now computers are being taught to ‘smell’

With every passing month new stories emerge of how Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems are getting “smarter”. From Amazon Alexa learning your daily routine to automated fake news detection, there’s always something else that well-trained AI seems to be able to do. But the latest AI development from Google is a little more unusual. A paper released from the
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Do Americans Think Their Phone Is Listening To Them? (Survey)

Microphones on your devices were created to make life simpler. Not sure what song is playing on the radio? Ask Siri to listen and tell you what the artist is. Need to call your mom but you’re in the middle of cooking dinner? Ask Alexa to make the call for you. The mics in our devices allow us to go hands-free and multitask.  The problem with online microphon
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Problems with your pc? When to use Panda’s free technical support

Panda Security is well-known for its expertise in detecting, preventing and removing malware infections. But as any PC owner knows, there’s a lot of other things that can go wrong. The sort of problems that take time and expertise to fix. So we’ve made your Panda Dome subscription even better. Now anyone with a valid subscription can get free technical suppo
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The Complete Guide to Facial Recognition Technology

Have you ever wondered why your face is scanned at customs when you enter a country? Or how the new iPhone is able to unlock using your face instead of a password? The answer is facial recognition technology (also called FRT). What is Facial Recognition? Techopedia defines facial recognition as, “a biometric software application capable of uniquely identifyi
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Do humans listen to the recordings made by smart assistants?

Smart assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Home record snippets of your commands. However, they are not the only ones keeping a record of your voice commands or messages – Facebook’s Messenger app, and Apple’s Messages also record your voice. The tech giants use voice recording to improve their services, and this sometimes involves human review. Most o
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Cyber security and sustainability – being a better global citizen

The impact of human activity on the environment is becoming clearer every day – and it’s obvious that we face some significant challenges in the near future. Climate change is now a headline issue and we’re all being urged to do our bit by reducing carbon emissions. It’s no surprise then that most people think of ‘sustainability’ in terms of environmental is
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What is Alexa and how does she work?

Amazon Alexa appears on smart speakers and mobile phones, offering friendly assistance and advice on demand. She can manage your diary, play music, answer questions, order groceries from Amazon and control your smart home devices. But what actually is Alexa? What is Alexa doing? When Amazon describes Alexa as a ‘personal assistant’, they underplay much of he
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Smart camera privacy – what you need to know

As the cost of smart home technology falls, more of us are installing internet connected devices. Smart plugs, smart speakers, smart lights and now smart cameras, all designed to make our lives slightly easier. Smart cameras are increasingly popular. They allow us to check in on our sleeping babies, our elderly relatives or our pets. We can see who’s at the
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Should you ditch charging cables?

The latest Android and Apple smartphones all offer a new technology called ‘inductive charging’. You simply place the phone on a compatible ‘pad’ and the battery recharges wirelessly. Obviously this is great news for those of us who regularly lose our charging cables, or struggle to insert the plug correctly. But is inductive charging as useful as the manufa
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How secure is the new iPhone 11?

Apple officially announced its latest series of mobile phones at an event in Silicon Valley. The new iPhone 11 series have already become available for preorder on Sept 13th and are expected to start shipping on the 20th. The new iPhone comes in three versions – 11, Pro and Pro Max. The significant difference between the three devices is the size, the
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Bionic employees and biohacking

Wireless chips are an increasingly important part of day-to-day life. We use contactless cards to pay for goods, they have replaced travel tickets, and many people even use embedded chips to access their offices at work. But almost every chip required another plastic card – pretty soon you end up with a wallet full of contactless cards. Which is why some ind
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