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Are you overheating? Your phone might be too…

Europe has been gripped by a major heatwave this summer with higher-than-normal temperatures being recorded in some places like Britain. And although the heat is extremely uncomfortable for us – and potentially disastrous for our smartphones. Take notice of the warnings Warning messages on your smartphone usually mean there is a problem. So when it says “To
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Activists use torrents to spread uncensored news to Russian pirates

 A team of Ukrainian cyber-activists has thought of a simple yet potentially effective way to spread uncensored information in Russia: bundling torrents with text and video files pretending to include installation instructions.Named “Torrents of Truth,” the initiative is similar to “Call Russia,” a project to help break through R
Publish At:2022-08-02 09:48 | Read:478 | Comments:0 | Tags:Technology

MS-SQL servers hacked to steal bandwidth with proxyware

Threat actors have been adopting a less common method to generate revenue and are leveraging payloads to install proxyware services on target systems.Proxyware is a program that allows allocating available internet bandwidth over a proxy to users that need it for various tasks, like testing, intelligence collection, content distribution, or market resea
Publish At:2022-07-28 13:46 | Read:397 | Comments:0 | Tags:Security Technology hack

Popular vehicle GPS tracker gives hackers admin privileges over SMS

Vulnerability researchers have found security issues in a GPS tracker that is advertised as being present in about 1.5 million vehicles in 169 countries.A total of six vulnerabilities affect the MiCODUS MV720 device, which is present in vehicles used by several Fortune 50 firms, governments in Europe, states in the U.S., a military agency in South Ameri
Publish At:2022-07-19 13:46 | Read:309 | Comments:0 | Tags:Security Technology privilege hack

CoinPayments to shut down in US — 5 days left to withdraw funds

Global crypto payments gateway, CoinPayments.net is ceasing operations in the United States soon and has advised users to withdraw their assets before July 19th, 2022.The short notice given by the exchange via a private email left some customers suspecting if this was an "exit scam" or caused by another mysterious incident.Crypto platform shut down
Publish At:2022-07-14 09:48 | Read:415 | Comments:0 | Tags:Technology CryptoCurrency

Twitter outage shows "Something went wrong" error message

 Thousands of Twitter users across the world are reporting problems connecting to the platform on both desktop and mobile devices.While the Twitter API status page shows no issues for today, almost 55,000 users have reported over the past 30 minutes that that the service is not working.At the time of writing, the browser version of the Twitter app is sh
Publish At:2022-07-14 09:48 | Read:266 | Comments:0 | Tags:Technology

Massive Rogers outage caused by a maintenance update

Over the weekend, Rogers Communications CEO Tony Staffieri revealed the telecom company believes a maintenance update was what caused last week's massive outage."We now believe we've narrowed the cause to a network system failure following a maintenance update in our core network, which caused some of our routers to malfunction early Friday morning," Staffie
Publish At:2022-07-11 17:56 | Read:310 | Comments:0 | Tags:Technology

CEO charged with sale of counterfeit Cisco devices to govt, health orgs

Onur Aksoy, the CEO of a group of dozens of companies, was indicted for allegedly selling more than $1 billion worth of counterfeit Cisco network equipment to customers worldwide, including health, military, and government organizations.According to the criminal complaint, the 38-year-old Florida man ran a massive operation between at least as early as 2013
Publish At:2022-07-08 17:56 | Read:331 | Comments:0 | Tags:Technology

Massive Rogers outage disrupts mobile service, payments in Canada

A massive Rogers outage is causing widespread disruption in Canada due to lack of mobile service, inability to process payment card transactions, and impacting 911 emergency services.According to DownDetector, the outage started at around 5 AM EST, with customers suddenly unable to make phone calls or connect to the Internet.The is causing widespread im
Publish At:2022-07-08 13:46 | Read:474 | Comments:0 | Tags:Technology

Massive Cloudflare outage caused by network configuration error

Cloudflare says a massive outage that affected more than a dozen of its data centers and hundreds of major online platforms and services today was caused by a change that should have increased network resilience."Today, June 21, 2022, Cloudflare suffered an outage that affected traffic in 19 of our data centers," Cloudflare said after investigating the
Publish At:2022-06-21 10:56 | Read:354 | Comments:0 | Tags:Technology Cloud

Browser extension lets you remove specific sites from search results

The uBlackList browser extension lets you clean up search results by removing specific sites when searching on Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing, and other search engines.While the browser extension is not new, being developed since early 2021, it was recently posted to Y Combinator's Hacker News, so we thought we would take a look at it.uBlackList is a browser
Publish At:2022-06-18 14:54 | Read:501 | Comments:0 | Tags:Technology

Would you watch TV on the road?

Driving a car safely is particularly complex operation. As well as steering their vehicle and managing their speed, drivers must also be fully aware of the situation outside their vehicle to avoid potentially fatal accidents. This makes the recent announcement that UK authorities plan to allow self-driving car owners to watch television as they ‘drive’ comes
Publish At:2022-06-09 08:47 | Read:1172 | Comments:0 | Tags:Mobile News News Technology self-driving cars technology UK

Telegram to soon launch its premium plan at $4.99 per month

Telegram is one of the best cross-platform messaging apps and it is regularly updated with new features. The privacy-focused social media platform is now working on a new subscription-based project dubbed "Telegram Premium".Unlike Meta-owned social media platforms, Telegram is entirely free. The messenger app has not been officially monetized, though th
Publish At:2022-06-07 23:01 | Read:988 | Comments:0 | Tags:Technology Software

Former OpenSea head of product charged with NFT insider trading

Nathaniel Chastain, a former product manager at OpenSea, the largest online non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, has been arrested and charged by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) with NFT insider trading.This is the first time someone was charged for their involvement in what the DOJ describes as a "Digital Asset Insider Trading Scheme."Chastain is accu
Publish At:2022-06-01 18:51 | Read:1293 | Comments:0 | Tags:Technology

Google quietly bans deepfake training projects on Colab

Google has quietly banned deepfake projects on its Colaboratory (Colab) service, putting an end to the large-scale utilization of the platform’s resources for this purpose.Colab is an online computing resource that allows researchers to run Python code directly through the browser while using free computing resources, including GPUs, to power their pro
Publish At:2022-05-30 14:53 | Read:1002 | Comments:0 | Tags:Google Technology


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