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Boarding Passes May Soon Be Part of the Past with Biometric

Are the Biometric security sistem safe? Back in June, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released a privacy impact assessment update for the Traveler Verification Service (TVS). The update is aimed at international travelers and reveals further developments and expanding on the biometric entry-exit airport system throughout the US. Intended to improve
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Hackers target energy and utility firms

Why cyber warfare is becoming so important In the early stages of any war, the first action is to try and disrupt the infrastructure of an enemy. In recent years, this means risking people’s lives to bomb key infrastructure, like power plants, bridges and fuel depots. With key utilities crippled, society quickly breaks down, making it very hard for the count
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Pros and Cons

What are the pros and cons of AI? Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk have been debating about the future of artificial intelligence (AI) for quite some time. Last month they continued the conversation by making their debate public. During a Q&A session with Nevada’s governor Brian Sandoval, Elon made a few statements about the dangers of AI. Tesla’s CEO said
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Your Roomba wants to sell your home’s map

Earlier this week iRobot CEO Colin Angle shared with Reuters that the data collected by iRobot devices (such as Roomba) over the years may eventually be shared with third parties. Even though iRobot’s robotic vacuum cleaners are not as smart as R2-D2, some of the high-end models, such as the $900 Roomba 980 robotic vacuum cleaner, are known to contain sophis
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Does Apple Watch 3 have a chance against the competition?

Apple’s latest smartwatch is expected to hit the shelves early next year, and even though now it is midsummer, the rumors around the product have already begun circulating. Some of the top rumors for Apple’s Series 3 watch suggest that cellular integration will finally arrive for Apple watches. Speculators also mention the latest edition of the product is ve
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Internet for everyone with Facebook’s drone Aquila

Last month Facebook announced the second successful test of Aquila – a giant sun powered drone. Even though the technology is still in the makes and has a long way to go, Mark Zuckerberg has been very serious about connecting the world– Facebook recently surpassed the 2 billion users mark.  There is an opportunity for Facebook to continue its path of success
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The apparent difficulty of implementing email encryption in Gmail

It’s been almost three years since Google first announced its intention to add end-to-end encryption to Gmail. However, the free email service is yet to provide users with that feature. Despite the Internet giant insists that it was never a bluff, one of the company’s latest movements has reignited the criticism. Recently, a spokesperson from Goo
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How to build a safe smart home?

Building a smart home is not hard at all… Coming home to a pre-heated house, being able always to monitor what is going on at home, knowing that if the emergency alarm sets you will not only get a notification on your cell so you can inform the authorities, but you will have a device that will start recording everything that is going on. It all sounds
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Keyloggers: Be careful what you type

Are you one of those people who covers the keypad with their hand when they enter their PIN into an ATM? And when entering it into the supermarket’s credit card terminal? This basic (but effective) security measure does not require much effort and is increasingly common among users, who understand the need to take precautions to protect their banking t
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Can someone hack my drone?

Drones are gaining more and more popularity here in the US. They are no longer only a military tool able to operate thousands of miles away from us, but an easily accessible product available in almost every consumer electronics store in the US. Well, most of the ones sold in the stores may not be as powerful as the military ones, but they still are flying d
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The US Cyberwarfare Campaign Against North Korea’s Nuclear Program

North Korea launched this weekend another medium- range missile in just over a week of the previous test, this time with success. The beef between the North Korean regime and the US is so thick, you’d need to slow roast it for the better part of a day just to get it tender. The two world powers find themselves in a political game of chicken once again as Ki
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AV-Comparatives awards the highest certification to Panda Security in protection against malware

The AV-Comparatives independent laboratory has awarded its highest level of certification, Advanced+, to the detection, scanning and protection effort of Panda Security. In a comparative review of more than 20 free and paid security software developers, the high detection capabilities of Panda Security’s solutions stood out. Panda detected 99.98% of the more
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Pentagon: The Next Major War Will Be Fought with Cyberweapons

  The alleged hacking of the last US elections by the Russian government, the anonymous cyberattack that hit the Ukrainian power grid in 2015, the Stuxnet virus that sabotaged the Iranian nuclear program in 2010 — such events serve as a reminder that the next form of international conflict will be heavily dependent on cyberweapons. William Roper, direct
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Creepy? Maybe, but Employee Monitoring is Saving Companies Money

The practice of employee monitoring in the workplace has been evolving and is increasingly present in companies. As of this writing, 15% of companies on the prestigious Fortune 500 list have equipped their offices with tiny sensors created by the company Enlighted, which are used to find out how much time a worker spends at his or her desk, and also the time
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Mobile World Congress 2017: Are Future Technologies Safe?

“Technology is very hard to predict.” So said Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO, during his keynote at this year’s Mobile World Congress when asked what his forecast was for future technologies over the next five to twenty years. This year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) was full of tech that gets us excited about the future though. From 5G, which could b
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