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RevenueWire to pay $6.7 million to settle FTC charges

What can you do as a scammer when no legitimate payment provider wants to process your payments anymore? Or, what if you are growing sick and tired of these same payment providers reimbursing disgruntled customers who claim that your products didn’t fix computers, like—you know—you said they would? Simple. You rely on some novel help. That is, unti
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WOOF locker: Unmasking the browser locker behind a stealthy tech support scam operation

In the early days, practically all tech support scammers would get their own leads by doing some amateur SEO poisoning and keyword stuffing on YouTube and other social media sites. They’d then leverage their boiler room to answer incoming calls from victims. Today, these practices continue, but we are seeing more advanced operations with a clear sep
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Two charged with tech-support scamming the elderly for $10m

byLisa VaasTwo US people have been charged with the alleged tech-support scumbaggery of spooking old people by shoving scary “Your computer has a virus, call us!!!!” pop-ups in their faces and then fleecing them for services they didn’t need and never got.The band of crooks did this to about 7,500 victims, most of them elderly, shaking them down for more tha
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Tech Support Impostors Part II: Where are They Now?

Last October, our own Jerome Segura uncovered a tech support scam trading on Malwarebytes’ good name. So half a year later, what happened to the perpetrators? Still scamming, apparently, and now with a snazzy new website! Rather than coding a website from scratch and possibly making mistakes, they seem to have lifted assets from the Malwarebytes websi
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Dodge four tries to escape from being scammed

Today, we would like to discuss some very persistent Tech Support Scammers with you. After installing a file – which was offered as a “free version of PC Cleaner Pro” – Tech Support Scammers will try four methods to get you to call one of their numbers or connect to them using the legitimate program TeamViewer. We can only guess in which way they will try an
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“I’d like to add you to my scammer network”

We’ve encountered many a tech support scam over the years, and the story is usually the same: a fake Blue Screen of Death says your computer is packed with viruses, and to call “tech support” at a handy 800 number.  At this point the scammers remote into your system and can do anything from load malware to steal your credit card information
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Free Youtube Downloader PUP is just another Tech Support Scam

Author’s Note: We at Malwarebytes continue to do our part in educating our product users and constant blog readers about day-to-day online threats and how they can avoid falling prey to them. “PUP Friday”, our latest attempt at getting users acquainted with files they may need to watch out for in the Wild Web, offers an in-depth look at some interesting and
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Safe Browsing Scam: From Amazon to Rackspace

Tech support scammers are a very unique type of online criminals who traditionally were never as sophisticated as malware authors. For the most part, they really didn’t need to be since even a quickly put together scary webpage with some audio background would suffice to con victims. While this dirty business was poorly organized in the beginning, in r
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Tech Support Scams: a Beginner’s Guide

Tech Support Scams: a Beginner’s Guide Posted by David Harley on November 26, 2015.IntroductionI’ve spent a lot of time over the last few years writing and talking about tech support scams. That is, scams implemented by persuading victims that they need help to deal with a
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Support scams that plagued Windows users for years now target Mac customers

For years, scammers claiming that they're "calling from Windows" have dialed up Microsoft customers and done their best to trick them into parting with their money or installing malicious wares. Now, the swindlers are turning their sights on Mac users.Further Reading“I am calling you from Windows”: A tech support scammer dials Ars TechnicaCold ca
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Malvertising Via Google AdWords Leads to Fake BSOD

One of the major goals for any online business is to attract as many visitors as possible to their websites in order to generate more revenues. This is typically where advertising comes into play, by helping companies to reach the right audience and converting those clicks and visits into actual sales. Sadly, fraudulent businesses also use online advertising
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“Your PC Is Infected” Round-up…

I had a bit of a flood of tech support / fake error message pages come my way after last week’s BSoD fakeout, so I thought I’d share them with you for reference. First up, we have two sites sent over by MS MVP Alun, who spotted them via a Malvertising redirect. We’ll begin with immediateresponseforcomputer(dot)com According to their splash
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The Multi-language Tech Support Scam is Here

The Microsoft tech support scam has been going on for years, starting with cold calls originating from India. Over time fake websites and pop ups warning of infections for Windows, Mac, Android and even iOS users were created. The vast majority of victims are from the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia, South Africa and New Zealand; in essence countries where
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Defeating The Fake iOS Crash Reports

There have been a lot of reports lately about fake iOS crash reports that completely hijack your iPhone or iPad. Indeed, online crooks no longer just target Windows users and have ventured into other areas including Mac OS and more recently iOS. The purpose of these fake pop ups is to trick people into calling for assistance by making them believe something
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Facebook Marketing, A New Method for Scammers?

It appears that those who have been (and still are) involved in technical support scams have took on a new role to play: Facebook Marketers. click to enlarge Facebook Marketing, Get More Like A new questions is answered as soon as possible Call Toll Free +1 877-595-4326 FREE Get Your More Like * 24*7 Customer Support * Get Your Answer Fast * High L
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