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Anatomy of a “free” gift – how online surveys can harm your digital health

byPaul DucklinOver the weekend, we received a short, sweet and simple note.It arrived by email, but the crooks could easily – and for all we know, did – use the same content in an SMS or text message:We weren’t tempted, not least because of the giveaway HTTP link – which was a fortunate blunder by the sender, because the redirector si
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Avoid: “I just hacked my friend’s account” Twitter spam

We’re seeing references to a website which claims to let visitors hack Twitter feeds of their choosing. It is, of course, all highly technical and they can’t possibly reveal the secrets of how they do it – it just works. Honest. The site in question is hacktwitterpassword(dot)com I just hacked my friends account with this website wow its w
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Security surveys – why I don’t trust them

Security surveys – why I don’t trust them Posted by Kevin on January 28, 2016.I don’t trust security surveys.At least I don’t trust vendor security surveys. The big ones, from organizations like PwC, are a bit different. But in general, vendor security surveys serve j
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Nice Instagram, Shame about the Code Generator

Here’s an Instagram account we’ve seen recently sporting a nice visual trick: This tiled effect is achieved by uploading pieces of the larger image one by one, and could well help to attract attention from anybody interested in free $50 Xbox cards. I mean, it’s certainly a lot better looking than most similar promo splashes we see elsewher
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Crowdfunder Indiegogo Misused by Spammers

Indiegogo is a popular crowdfunding website similar to Kickstarter, with the idea being that you post up your idea, set money targets and have people contribute to your project. A bit of an odd location for spammers to pop up on, but…you know…spammers. As it turns out, Indiegogo is having a bit of an issue with multiple crowdfunding pages serving
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MGS V: The Phantom Game Downloader

I’m not sure what I like more about the below site promising hacks related to Metal Gear Solid V – the promo splash of old timey Solid Snake (who isn’t actually the protagonist of the new game, instead featuring in the fourth iteration of the series from 2008), or the fact that specifications for the game are low, according to “Namibi
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Lies, damned lies and statistics*

Lies, damned lies and statistics* Posted by David Harley on July 29, 2015.I’m indebted to Clearswift (by way of the Register) for providing me with essential statistics on how much it would cost me to bribe someone to give me their company’s proprietary and customer data.Ap
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Steam Codes and Countdowns

The ever present allure of something for nothing makes a reappearance in the land of gaming, with a twist designed to get would-be winners sending messages to their online friends as fast as they possibly can. The site we’re going to examine is located at steamcode(dot)org which claims they have $20 Steam Codes to give away, as the “We’re t
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Don’t Share this Fake Flight QZ8501 Video on Facebook

It’s a case of New Year, Same Old Tricks as we warn you about the inevitable bandwagon jumping of scammers who really don’t care what they use as clickbait. If you’re waiting on information with regards what caused the tragic crash of AirAsia Flight QZ8501, please be aware that the inevitable fake Facebook video links are now putting in an
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The “Kevin the Game Dev” Tumblr Spam Run

Say hello to “Kevin“. He can’t help but send multiple spam comments to Tumblr users, asking them to try a game he’s been “working on”. The messages are all mostly the same, except for the name of the company he supposedly works at and the game he’s asking people to try out. As best we can tell, the games mentioned ar
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Fake Private Videos Offer Surveys, EXEs and .XPI Installs

We’re seeing a number of fake video pages doing the rounds called “Private Video”, which use a couple of different tactics to get what they want from potential victims of their shenanigans. One page claims Flash Player has crashed, and will need to be updated. In the below example, the link apparently took users to an .XPI (Firefox extensio
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Avoid This Fake MH17 Missile Video Page

Just a short heads up to say that there’s another fake Malaysian Airlines disaster page to add to the growing collection, located at newvdoapps(dot)asia/mh17/index(dot)php and is looking to exploit the MH17 tragedy with claims of non-existent missile video footage. Clicking the supposed clip and performing the “Share this video on Facebook to wa
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