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New Dutch legal framework could cause Mozilla to take off the Dutch CA from its trust list.

Mozilla would remove the Dutch CA, the CA of the Staat de Nederlanden, from its trust list due to the new national legal framework. The Dutch Information and Security Services Act will come into force in January 2018 and one of the main effects of the new legal framework is that country’s certificate authority, CA of the Staat de Nederlanden, could be
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iPhone Apps you granted camera access can secretly take photos and record video

A serious privacy issue in iPhone that could be exploited by iOS app developers to silently take your photos and record your live video by enabling cameras. Do you use an iPhone? If yes, there is probably something that you need to know about it! The Austrian developer and Google engineer, Felix Krause, has discovered a serious privacy issue in Apple iPhone
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Wikileaks Spy File Russia – the surveillance apparatus implemented by firm Peter-Service

Wikileaks releases a new batch of documents that claim to detail the Russia mass surveillance apparatus implemented with the help of firm Peter-Service. Wikileaks has released a batch of documents, dubbed Spy File Russia, that detail the surveillance infrastructure implemented by Russia. The Kremlin’s surveillance apparatus allows the Russian agencies
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Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg on Crypto weakening: Crypto War 2.0

Sheryl Sandberg on crypto weakening. The new Crypto war being started where government agencies are wanting a reduction in encryption strengths. DISCLAIMER: All views and facts explained in this article are the views of the author and does not in anyway related to the views of organization where the individual is employed. The article is an observation based
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Google experts blocked a new targeted malware family, the Lipizzan spyware

Google has identified a new strain of Android malware, the Lipizzan spyware, that could be used as a powerful surveillance tool. Malware researchers at Google have spotted a new strain of Android spyware dubbed Lipizzan that could exfiltrate any kind of data from mobile devices and use them as surveillance tools. The Lipizzan spyware is a project developed
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UK Police: Accessing the Darkweb could be a sign of terrorism

In a leaflet distributed by the UK authorities, the police tell citizens to be vigilant on anyone using the darkweb. The widespread of terrorism in Europe has been very severe recently. As a way of effectively dealing with In a wake of recent terror attacks, London authorities are conducting various initiatives to fight the threat. The police arrested severa
Publish At:2017-07-08 15:25 | Read:4703 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Deep Web Terrorism cyber unit darknet Darkweb

Mexican Government was spying on Journalists and Activists with Pegasus Surveillance software

Journalists and activists in Mexico accused the government of spying on them with the powerful surveillance software Pegasus developed by the NSO Group. Journalists and activists in Mexico accused the government of spying on them with a powerful surveillance software. According to the journalists, the authorities used an Israeli spyware to hack their mobile
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Austrian parties SPÖ and ÖVP want Whatsapp monitoring

Austrian SPÖ and ÖVP parties are fighting for WhatsApp instant messaging and plan further measures to fight the terrorism. Both the Austrian Social Democratic Party of Austria (SPÖ) and the Austrian People’s Party (Österreichische Volkspartei; ÖVP) are fighting for instant messaging monitoring such as WhatsApp. The experts believe that the Government w
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UK Government’s secret programme for mass surveillance on internet and phones leaked

According to a draft document leaked online, UK Government is assigning itself more powers to spy on live communications and use malware for surveillance. While the NSA is announcing it will stop surveillance activities on emails, texts, and other internet communications, the UK government has secretly drawn up more details of its new bulk surveillance power
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NSA announces it will stop surveillance activities on emails, texts and other internet communications

NSA announces a change in its surveillance activities, it will no longer spy on citizens’ emails, texts, and other Internet communications. It is official, the US NSA announced it will no longer spy on emails, texts and other internet communications that mention targets of surveillance.The NSA issued the official statement last week, announcing a histo
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Microsoft biannual transparency report – US foreign intelligence surveillance requests more than doubled

Microsoft published the biannual transparency report – The number of US foreign intelligence surveillance requests more than doubled. Microsoft shared data included in the biannual transparency report, the IT giant received more than double what the company said it received under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) during the preceding six
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Who is spying on communications in the Washington area? A rogue state is suspected of mass surveillance

US authorities uncovered a surveillance activity allegedly powered by a rogue entity that is tracking phones of Government officials and foreign diplomats. Something very strange has happened in the Washington, D.C., region, experts noticed an unusual amount of highly suspicious cellphone activity. The fear is that a rogue actor is attempting to spy on commu
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Facebook and Instagram will not allow developers from scanning social media profiles for surveillance

Facebook company and Instagram will not allow developers scanning their social media profiles for surveillance activities. Facebook and it app Instagram have updated the terms and conditions to prevent developers from scanning social media profiles for surveillance activities. A report recently published revealed the US Department of Homeland Security used s
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Flaws in MAC address randomization implemented by vendors allow mobile tracking

Researchers devised a new attack method that can be leveraged to track mobile devices that rely on MAC address randomization mechanism. The MAC address is a unique and an hardcoded identifier assigned to a device’s network interface. This characteristic makes it an excellent tool for the tracking of the devices. A group of researchers from the U.S. Naval Aca
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Wikileaks CIA Files – What this means for Internet security and encryption

Earlier today, Wikileaks dumped a large database of secret documents from the CIA in a released dubbed Vault7. Here we do a deeper analysis of the leak and the broader implications on online security and encrypted services. Our in-depth analysis of the leaked CIA files is found at the bottom of this post. First, we will discuss the main question on everybody
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