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NIST SP 800-161r1: What You Need to Know

Modern goods and services rely on a supply chain ecosystem, which are interconnected networks of manufacturers, software developers, and other service providers. This ecosystem provides cost savings, interoperability, quick innovation, product feature diversity, and the freedom to pick between rival providers. However, due to the many sources of compone
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Securing the software supply chain, with Kim Lewandowski: Lock and Code S03E13

At the start of the global coronavirus pandemic, nearly everyone was forced to learn about the “supply chain.” Immediate stockpiling by an alarmed (and from a smaller share, opportunistic) public led to an almost overnight disappearance of hand sanitizer, bottled water, toilet paper, and face masks. In time, those items returned to stores. But
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One Size Does Not Fit All Organizations

Often, when you read about cybersecurity, the advice appears to be ‘one size fits all’. People recommend the same things, regardless of if the business is two people in a home office or a global group with 100,000 employees. In some ways, the underlying concepts of cybersecurity are the same for all companies. However, the way that you put the s
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The Quad commits to strengthening cybersecurity in software, supply chains

The United States, Australia, and its Asian partners—India and Japan—have agreed to work on several cybersecurity initiatives on software, supply chain, and user data. The countries’ leaders, who convened in Tokyo on May 24, 2022, have met annually four times since the revival of the alliance—formally called the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, or s
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Protecting Against Bad Chemistry (with Cybersecurity)

Do you recall one of the first really fun chemistry experiment you performed as a child?  If your school followed the usual curriculum, then you probably made a model volcano and then added some baking soda to the opening, followed by the addition of vinegar.  A variation of this experiment was to add the ingredients to a plastic bottle, then stret
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How Can OEMs Reduce Their Risk of Cyberattacks?

Many modern businesses in almost every sector of the economy are adopting the latest technologies for greater connectivity and efficiency. However, while many of these technologies offer myriad benefits, they can also create new cybersecurity vulnerabilities.While much of the focus has remained on manufacturers and how they can bolster their cybersecurity ef
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62% of Surveyed Organizations Hit By Supply Chain Attacks in 2021

You’ve heard more about the supply chain in the past two years than you ever expected, or likely wanted. But, as a cybersecurity professional, you now have even more reason to pay attention besides not being able to get your favorite products at the grocery store. The apps used to develop software and run the business could be causing vulnerabilities
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8 security tips for small businesses

Small businesses and startups are known to face some extra challenges when it comes to cybersecurity. Because they don’t have the size or budget to have a fully-fledged dedicated security team, it often comes down to a smaller staff that doesn’t have the time to do everything that is recommended or even required. Often security issues are just dealt with whe
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6 Critical Areas of Cloud-Native Security That Are Influential in 2022

span class="entry-content post-content">Cloud computing has emerged as the go-to organizational workload choice because of its innate scalability and flexibility. However, cloud computing still comes with some security risks. Examining cloud security is an important part of adopting this new technology.Presently, cloud-native security is experiencing changes
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Supply-Side Hackonomics: Supply Chain Attacks and Data Security

Most people now know far more about supply chains than they ever wanted to. Still, anyone could forgive you for not knowing the term ‘supply chain hack’. Often, when the media reports these types of attacks, they name them and broadcast the name of the company that was targeted around the world. That has helped fuel concerns around the growing n
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Ransomware Resilience Tops Findings in X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2022

For the third year in a row, ransomware was the top attack type globally in 2021, despite some successes last year by law enforcement to take down ransomware groups. This was among the top findings of IBM Security’s latest research published in the tenth annual X-Force Threat Intelligence Index, a comprehensive overview of the global threat landscape
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The Changing State of Cybersecurity: 5 Data-Backed Predictions

Cybersecurity is never static, and that’s especially true today. After widespread and frequent disruptions in the past few years, the cyber defense landscape is shifting. Favored attack vectors are changing, new threats are emerging, and organizations are rethinking their cybersecurity focus.Staying safe in the next few years requires an understanding of the
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Email Security Trends Coming in 2022

Organizations are under constant threat of cybercrime. While there are many available attack vectors, email is the most obvious path towards a full network compromise. The notion that email security should be prioritized is emphasized during this time where more and more businesses are still working in a remote or hybrid dynamic environment.Accordi
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The Supply Chain Needs Better Cybersecurity and Risk Management

The supply chain is under a historic amount of pressure, but the strain on its cybersecurity and risk management may be in even worse condition. As 2021 draws to a close, the global supply chain is in a state comparable to rush-hour traffic in bad weather. Everything seems to be backed up whether due to supply and demand issues, wait times at shipping ports,
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2021 Manufacturing and Supply Chain Security Roundup

In 2020, ransomware actors demanded $17 million from a laptop maker and $34 million from a Taiwanese electronics contract company. The past two years have also delivered major disruptions for supply chains. The pandemic pushed supply chain attack issues front-and-center, with disruptions up 67% in 2020 and problems expected to persist as glob
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