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Nintendo warns of imitation websites and suspicious hardware

Brave indeed is the soul who decides to take on Nintendo with scam-filled behaviour online. The console legends have a long history of crunching down on fraud, as well as gaming past-times some would consider to be harmless. Whether you create fan-made games, offer up plundered ROMs for use in emulators, or even just want to rent out some titles: Nintendo
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Chrome casts away the padlock—is it good riddance or farewell?

It’s been an interesting journey for security messaging where browsers are concerned. Back in the day, many of the websites you’d visit on a daily basis weren’t secure. By secure, I mean that they didn’t use HTTPS. There was no padlock, which meant that the traffic between you and the website wasn’t encrypted, and so it was vulnerable to being sn
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Bluetooth beacons: one free privacy debate with your next order

Apps and their permissions have been in the news recently, particularly in relation to tracking/privacy issues and Bluetooth. Why Bluetooth, though? What is it, and what is it doing to raise concerns in some security quarters? Bluetooth: your cool, then uncool, but mostly cool again cousin Bluetooth has had a slightly odd reputation down the years. Pre
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“Exclusive” Fallout 4 iOS Release Banished to the Wasteland

Online marketplaces such as Google Play and Apple’s App Store have various checks in place to ensure rogue / fake apps don’t slip through the cracks, but you can’t stop them all. Sure enough, here’s one which came crashing into, er, number 105 with a vengeance: Fallout 4 – Biohazard, priced at $6.99. Fallout 4 is currently sell
Publish At:2016-03-22 18:05 | Read:6987 | Comments:0 | Tags:Fraud/Scam Alert app apps fallout 4 falout iOS store IOS

Your digital memories – will they vanish or persist?

If you like sailing and tall ships, I can recommend this podcast about Pam Bitterman’s book Sailing to the far horizon. It’s a great story about the last years of the community-operated ship Sofia, covering both a lot of happy sailing and the ship’s sad end in the early eighties. But this is not about hippies on a ship, it’s about how we record and remember
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