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Valve is going to fix a serious vulnerability in Steam online gaming platform

The online game platform Steam is fixing a serious bug that could be exploited to redirect users to malicious websites and take over their profile. The popular online game platform Steam is going to fix a serious vulnerability that could be exploited by hackers to redirect users to malicious websites, use their market funds, and also change their profile. It
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Phantom Squad and PoodleCorp tango down against Steam and Origin Servers

The servers of the Steam gaming platform and Origin are down. Phantom Squad and PoodleCorp are claiming responsibility for the attacks. It’s holiday time and hackers can transform this period in a nightmare for gamers. Two years ago Lizard Squad hackers took down the networks of Sony PSN and Microsoft XBox Live. Now the notorious Phantom Squad group ha
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Watch out, hacked Steam accounts used as an attack vector

Malware researcher discovered a Reddit user which is warning of the existence of hacked Steam accounts used to spread a Remote Access Trojan (RAT). This week the popular malware researcher Lawrence Abrams from Bleepingcomputer.com has found a worrisome message on Reddit. The Reddit user with the moniker Haydaddict was warning of the existence of compromised
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Steam hacker says more vulnerabilities will be found, but not by him

Further ReadingHow a hacker snuck a game onto Steam without Valve’s knowledge"Watch paint dry" exploited now-patched Steamworks vulnerability.The teenager who grabbed headlines earlier this week for hacking a fake game listing on to Valve's Steam store says there are "definitely" more vulnerabilities to be found in the popular game distribution service. But
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Latest Steam Malware Shows Signs of RAT Activity

We have been alerted to a recent Steam scam, thanks to one gamer who is quick to inform her friends in the gaming platform’s Activity feed about her encounter with a suspected bot account. Gamer Patrizza Vampizza has posted the below screenshot as a form of warning for this current  modus operandi: click to enlarge Hey! We had a competition in the gro
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Data of 34,000 Steam users exposed due to buggy caching configuration

Valve company publicly confirmed that Steam deployed a buggy caching configuration to mitigate a DDoS attack which exposed Steam users personal information. Still problems for the Steam gaming platform, details of 34,000 Steam users have been exposed during a DDoS attack. Last week, as a result of a configuration change, a sec
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A serious issue in Steam allowed access to other users’ accounts

As a result of a configuration change a security issue allowed some Steam users to randomly see pages generated for other users for a period of less than an hour. Bad news for the popular community of Steam gamers, some of the users are facing serious security issues. Several users online reported to be able to view other user
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“Steam VAC Remover” Leads to Mobile Offers

There are 398 game titles on Steam which make use of the Valve Anti-Cheat system (VAC for short), and should you be hit with the Banhammer, you’ll be prevented from playing on VAC secured servers forever. Sites and programs often claim to be able to get around VAC bans, and the below website is no exception. steamunban(dot)fr They claim to have a R
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Steam tightens trading security amid 77,000 monthly account hijackings

Further ReadingMy brief life as a Diablo III hacking victimA tale of disappearing items, late authenticators, and few concrete answers.Account theft is a common and longstanding problem for all kinds of online gaming services, as I can personally attest after losing all of my Diablo III loot to a hacker a few years ago. But Valve says the problem is reaching
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Malware Targeting Steam Traders Banks on New Escrow System

“Steam escrow”—This is the term some video game players are familiar with, but officially, it’s known as the “Steam trade hold” system. It involves the use of the gaming platform’s updated Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator, the security feature that is part of the Steam Mobile app. According to its official Support page, a trade hold “is a period of time wher
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Steam’s “Exploration Sale” Gamifies Security Settings

I’m always interested in seeing how companies deploy the gamification of security because it’s an easy way to get more people interested in locking things down, and with the launch of Steam’s latest sale they appear to be bringing back an old favourite: rewards for keeping your account secure. As we’ve mentioned in the past, Steam Gua
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The Growth of Gaming on Linux

Article by Mark There has always been a silent war between Windows and GNU/Linux fans. The first one is developed by Microsoft and definitely not free of charge, while the second is not that widely used, but available to anyone as open source software. Linux comes with numerous pros for those that use it; over time, many people have realized these advantages
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Steam IM Spam Leads to Fake Imgur Site, Malware

We’ve observed a bout of dubious messages circulating in Steam Messenger, using the well worn “Is this you in a photograph” technique to pull in some clicks: The bait text reads as follows: ahahah lol dude is it your photo 2ov(dot)ru/Uhe6r ???
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This Week in Security: Website Takedowns, Android Bugs and Snowden’s Rejected Petition

Our new weekly security roundup series covers the week’s trending topics in the world of information security. In this compilation, we’ll let you know of the latest announcements, reports and controversies that the industry has been talking about recently.Here’s what you don’t want to miss from the week of July 27, 2015:A major password-reset exploit was dis
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Valve Patches Password Reset Vulnerability in Steam

Valve Software has reportedly patched a vulnerability in the popular online Steam gaming platform that enabled account hijacking through its password reset mechanism.Kotaku, a popular blog among gamers, said that a number of prominent Steam accounts and Twitch streamers were stolen or accessed remotely. Twitch is a live video streaming platform that can be l
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