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Mobile Cyberespionage Campaign Distributed Through CallerSpy Mounts Initial Phase of a Targeted Attack

We found a new spyware family disguised as chat apps on a phishing website. We believe that the apps, which exhibit many cyberespionage behaviors, are initially used for a targeted attack campaign. We first came across the threat in May on the site http://gooogle[.]press/, which was advertising a chat app called “Chatrious.” Users can download the malicious
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Biometric data processing and storage system threats

Initially, digital biometric data processing systems were used primarily by government agencies and special services (police, customs, etc.). However, the rapid evolution of information technology has made biometric systems accessible for ‘civil’ use. They are increasingly becoming part of our everyday lives, augmenting and replacing traditional
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Masad Clipper and Stealer - Windows spyware exfiltrating data via Telegram (samples)

Reference2019-09-25 Juniper. Masad Stealer: Exfiltrating using Telegram “Masad Clipper and Stealer” steals browser information, computer files,  and automatically replaces cryptocurrency wallets from the clipboard with its own.It is written using Autoit scripts and then compiled into a Windows executable.It uses Telegram to exfiltr
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The cake is a lie! Uncovering the secret world of malware-like cheats in video games

In 2018, the video game industry became one of the most lucrative in the world, generating $43.4 billion in revenue within the United States alone. When we consider that video game licenses are only a fraction of the total market, it becomes clear just how important the industry is compared to the movie and music industries, for example. Moreover, conservati
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For Cybersecurity and Domestic Violence Awareness months, we pledge to fight stalkerware

Starting today, two hallmark holidays are upon us. No, it’s not Halloween and Thanksgiving. It’s both Cybersecurity Awareness Month and Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It’s no coincidence these two awareness campaigns overlap. What were once seen as separate realities—the physical and the digital—are increasingly blurred as our offices, schools, and ho
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ISPs in at least two countries were involved in delivering surveillance FinFisher Spyware

Security researchers at ESET have uncovered a surveillance campaign using a new variant of FinFisher spyware, also known as FinSpy. Finfisher infected victims in seven countries and experts believe that in two of them the major internet providers have been involved. “New surveillance campaigns utilizing FinFisher, infamous spyware known also as FinSpy
Publish At:2017-09-21 20:20 | Read:3827 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Cyber Crime Cyber warfare Hacking Intelligence

Dangers Beyond Ransomware – the Risk of Spyware

There’s been a lot of talk recently about ransomware’s impact on the business environment. It would seem that the central role of this attack casts a shadow over one of the classic villains of cybersecurity: spyware. But a large percentage of today’s attacks suffered by companies today involve this malware. Its risks must not go neglected. Know your enemy On
Publish At:2017-09-15 08:00 | Read:2452 | Comments:0 | Tags:Security b2b cybersecurity Spyware

Experts spotted a 2007 variant of Babar, the spyware allegedly used by French Intelligence

Malware researchers at Palo Alto Networks have spotted a 2007 variant of Babar, a strain of malware likely designed by the French Intelligence. In March 2015, researchers detected Babar for the first time, analysis led them into believing it was a product of the French intelligence. According to the experts, Babar malware was used by the General Directorate
Publish At:2017-09-07 16:15 | Read:3048 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Intelligence Malware Animal Farm Babar Casper

Fruitfly macOS and OS X backdoor remained undetected for years

A new mysterious strain of macOS and OS X malware dubbed Fruitfly went undetected by malware researchers and security software for at least five years. Fruitfly is a backdoor that could be used by attackers to gain full control over the infected systems by implementing many spying features. Fruitfly has the ability to capture screenshots, keystrokes, webcam
Publish At:2017-07-25 12:55 | Read:2368 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Cyber Crime Malware Fruitfly Hacking Mac OS ba

Chrysaor: The Most Dangerous Spyware Tool Also Affects Android Devices

Stealing large quantities of communication data, taking screenshots, or taking control of your phone’s camera are some of the threats of Chrysaor, a harmful ‘spyware’ that has recently been discovered and which targets Android devices. It is not the first time that the NSO Group, an Israeli company that develops espionage software, has created to
Publish At:2017-07-07 12:20 | Read:2363 | Comments:0 | Tags:Security Android chrysaor Spyware

The OSX.Dok dropper spotted installing the new Bella backdoor

Bad news for Mac users, a new variant of the OSX.Dok dropper was discovered by researchers at Malwarebytes, it was spotted installing a new payload dubbed Bella backdoor. Once the DOK malware infects a macOS system, it gains administrative privileges and installs a new root certificate. The root certificate allows the malicious code to intercept all victim
Publish At:2017-05-03 14:15 | Read:3368 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Cyber Crime Malware Bella backdoor DOK malware

DOK malware, a stealthy MAC OS spyware that inspects your HTTPS Traffic

DOK Malware is a stealthy malicious code recently discovered by researchers at security firm CheckPoint, it affects almost ant Mac OS X version. Malware researchers at CheckPoint firm have discovered a new stealth Mac malware dubbed DOK that affects almost ant Mac OS X version. At the time of its discovery, the DOK malware has zero detections on VirusTotal a
Publish At:2017-04-28 15:05 | Read:2655 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Cyber Crime Hacking Malware DOK malware Mac OS

The US Malware Developer who Helped Russia Spy on Devices

Latvian-born hacker Alexsey Belan, a Russian citizen, has been on the FBI’s list of most wanted cybercriminals for some time. His latest misdeed was the theft of 500 million Yahoo accounts in order to spy on Russian journalists and officials from both the US government and the Kremlin itself. The Department of Justice of the United States has officiall
Publish At:2017-04-16 18:05 | Read:3113 | Comments:0 | Tags:News cyberespionage russia Spyware

The ViperRAT APT group is targeting the Israeli Defense Force

A group of hackers tracked as ViperRAT is spying on the Israeli military by hacking into the soldiers’ personal Android mobile devices. A group of hackers, tracked as ViperRAT, is spying on the Israeli military by hacking into the soldiers’ personal Android mobile devices to track their activities and steal sensitive data. Experts from security
Publish At:2017-02-18 06:55 | Read:2682 | Comments:0 | Tags:APT Breaking News Hacking Malware cyber espionage Hamas IDF

SpyNote RAT Masquerades as Netflix App to Infect Android Devices

A new variant of the SpyNote remote access trojan (RAT) is infecting Android devices by masquerading as a mobile Netflix app.The malware, which is based off the SpyNote RAT builder leaked in 2016, displays the same icon used by the official Netflix app that’s found on Google Play. But it’s a fake. Clicking on the app causes the icon to disappear
Publish At:2017-01-26 04:00 | Read:4592 | Comments:0 | Tags:Latest Security News Android malware spyware


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