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Anti-Phishing: How the DNC could have prevented the Russian cyberattack

It’s 3:45 pm on Friday and you are ready to be done for the week. A last-minute email from your boss pops into your inbox. It’s a Google file invitation that says you need to update this document before the end of the day. Being the dedicated employee that you are, you click the link and end up at a Google login page. The login page displays your name
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New Chrome Extension Blocks BeEF Attacks

An engineer has devised a new way to help combat BeEF, or browser exploit framework attacks.The tool, a Chrome extension, detects and blocks hooks from BeEF–an exploit tool similar to Metasploit–that uses JavaScript to control browsers. Routinely used by researchers, pen testers, and attackers, the tool has a multifunctional control panel that al
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