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Malspam campaign caught using GuLoader after service relaunch

They say any publicity is good publicity. But perhaps this isn’t true for CloudEye, an Italian firm that claims to provide “the next generation of Windows executables’ protection”. First described by Proofpoint security researchers in March 2020, GuLoader is a downloader used by threat actors to distribute malware on a large scale.
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Emotet botnet surges back after months of absence

After months of inactivity, the infamous Emotet trojan has surged back with a new massive spam campaign targeting users worldwide. The notorious Emotet went into the dark since February 2020, but now has surged back with a new massive spam campaign targeting users worldwide. The Emotet banking trojan has been active at least since 2014, the botnet is o
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It’s baaaack: Public cyber enemy Emotet has returned

It was never a question of “if” but “when”. After five months of absence, the dreaded Emotet has returned. Following several false alarms over the last few weeks, a spam campaign was first spotted on July 13 showing signs of a likely comeback. The Emotet botnets started pushing malspam actively on Friday, July 17, using the same te
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Twitter limits tweeting as prominent accounts spam out cryptocoin scams

byPaul DucklinSocial media often gets crazy, but not often as crazy as this.Many prominent, verified Twitter accounts have been tweeting out cryptocoin scams, with fake tweets reported from an eclectic range of high-profile people and companies, apparently including Joe Biden, Elon Musk, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Apple and many others.The scam tweets reporte
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COVID-19 Cybercrime Capitalizing on Brazil’s Government Assistance Program

IBM X-Force Incident Response and Intelligence Services (IRIS) has been tracking cybercrime capitalizing on the coronavirus pandemic since January, and has observed the geographical areas of this activity shift over time. In February, cybercriminals were focusing on Asia, and we observed threat actors targeting potential victims in Japan with coronavirus-rel
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Odd Protest-Themed Spam Messages Targeted Atlanta Police Foundation

Security researchers came across a series of odd protest-themed spam email messages that appeared to target the Atlanta Police Foundation.SANS’ Internet Storm Center observed that the spam messages first appeared to be instances of an extortion scam campaign.With “Crime Research Center” as the sender, the emails claimed in their messages th
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When the coronavirus infodemic strikes

Social media sites are stepping up their efforts in the war against misinformation… specifically, the coronavirus/COVID-19 infodemic. There’s a seemingly endless stream of potentially dangerous misinformation flying around online related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and that could have fatal results.It’s boomtown in fake-news land riding high on the wave
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What the Data Is Telling Us About the Current Rise in Security Threats During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The current pandemic has shown us what humanity stands for: kindness, care, sharing, giving and all the great values that we have as a global community, especially in hard times. In these times of need, there are multiple initiatives that are being driven by individuals and organizations alike asking for help — both in kind and cash. And, as one would expect
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TrickBot operators exploit COVID-19 as lures

IBM X-Force researchers spotted a new COVID-19-themed campaign spreading the infamous TrickBot trojan through fake messages. IBM X-Force researchers uncovered a new COVID-19-themed campaign that is spreading the infamous TrickBot trojan through fake messages. The spam messages pretend to be sent by the Department of Labor’s Family and Medical Leave Act
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New Study Shows Consumers Could Be Vulnerable to COVID-19 Spam

Since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic on March 11, IBM X-Force has observed a more than 6,000 percent increase in COVID-19-related spam, with lures ranging the full gamut of challenges and concerns facing individuals — from phishing emails impersonating the Small Business Administration (SBA) and the WHO to U.S.
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SBA Spoofed in COVID-19 Spam to Deliver Remcos RAT

Between late March and mid-April 2020, IBM X-Force Incident Response and Intelligence Services (IRIS) uncovered a phishing campaign targeting small businesses that appears to originate from the U.S. Government Small Business Administration (SBA.gov). The emails, which contain subjects and attachments related to the need for small businesses to apply for disa
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TrickBot Campaigns Targeting Users via Department of Labor FMLA Spam

IBM X-Force monitors billions of spam emails a year, mapping trending, malicious campaigns and their origins. Recent analysis from our spam traps uncovered a new Trickbot campaign that currently targets email recipients with fake messages purporting to come from the U.S. Department of Labor (DoL). The spam leverages the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), w
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Gamaredon APT Group Use Covid-19 Lure in Campaigns

By Hiroyuki Kakara and Erina Maruyama Gamaredon is an advanced persistent threat (APT) group that has been active since 2013. Their campaigns are generally known for targeting Ukrainian government institutions. From late 2019 to February of this year, researchers published several reports on Gamaredon, tracking the group’s activities. In March, we came acros
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Discord users tempted by bots offering “free Nitro games”

The last few weeks have seen multiple instances of problematic bots appearing in Discord channels. They bring tidings of gifts, but the reality is quite a bit different. Given so many more young kids and teens are at home during the current global lockdown, they may well see this scam bouncing around their chat channels. Worried parents may want to point the
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Sextortion emails and porn scams are back – don’t let them scare you!

byPaul DucklinWe’ve seen a recent surge of concern about sextortion emails over the last few days.A sextortion or porn scam email is where cybercriminals email you out of the blue to claim that they’ve implanted malware on your computer, and have therefore been able to keep tabs on your online activity.The crooks go on to claim that they’ve
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