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Inside a ransomware gang’s attack toolbox

byPaul DucklinIf you’re a Naked Security Podcast listener, you’ll have heard Sophos’s own Peter Mackenzie telling some fairly wild ransomware stories.Peter works in the Managed Threat Response (MTR) part of our business – in his own words, if you’re network’s on fire, he’s one of the people who will rush in to try to
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How to stay on top of coronavirus scams – and all the others too

byPaul DucklinIt’s not like cybercriminals to take advantage of a world event… and this is a rather large world event.Since COVID-19 hit the headlines, we’ve covered a selection of coronavirus-related scams, phishing attacks and malware campaigns in which crooks have adapted existing sextortion emails, mobile malware and password stealing t
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Malware and HTTPS – a growing love affair

byPaul DucklinIf you’re a regular Naked Security reader, you’ll know that we’ve been fans of HTTPS for years.In fact, it’s nearly nine years since we published an open letter to Facebook urging the social networking giant to adopt HTTPS everywhere.HTTPS is short for HTTP-with-Security, and it means that your browser, which uses HTTP (
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Robbin Hood – the ransomware that brings its own bug

byPaul DucklinRansomware is one of the most feared cybercrime problems of the modern era.The idea of malware that scrambles your files and demands money to get them back is not new – the first widespread attack happened back in 1989 – but the scale of the threat has changed dramatically in the last few years.Up to about 2012 or 2013, ransomware w
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From the Labs: VBA is definitely not dead - in fact, it's undergoing a resurgence

Earlier this year, Principal Researcher at SophosLabs, Gabor Szappanos (Szappi) published an excellent paper, "VBA is not dead", on the re-emergence of Visual Basic code in malicious documents.In his paper, Szappi discusses the sudden surge in VBA samples as well as the change from a traditional document infecting payload to other malicious means - namely, e
Publish At:2014-09-17 12:20 | Read:5476 | Comments:0 | Tags:Featured Malware Security threats SophosLabs Windows Exploit

Duping the machine - the cunning malware that throws off researchers

The exponential explosion of malware in recent years has seen the rise of automated analysis environments - or "Sandboxes" - as an essential means of providing detailed and pertinent information about a sample, in a timely manner.A Sandbox simulates the execution of a malware sample in a genuine environment while "sandboxing" any evil behaviour.Data is gathe
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