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Does Apple Watch 3 have a chance against the competition?

Apple’s latest smartwatch is expected to hit the shelves early next year, and even though now it is midsummer, the rumors around the product have already begun circulating. Some of the top rumors for Apple’s Series 3 watch suggest that cellular integration will finally arrive for Apple watches. Speculators also mention the latest edition of the product is ve
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A Smartwach Social Coach? New Tech Can Read Your Emotions

http://www.pandasecurity.com/mediacenter/src/uploads/2017/02/pandasecurity-MC-android-wear-3.jpgTechnology gets a bad reputation at times. It’s supposed to connect us, but really, it drives us apart. It’s making us less in touch with the world around us and less inclined to deal with emotional issues. That may be a very one-sided view of things, but it’s har
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Are you using a smartwatch? Hackers could get your data

Researchers have created an app that follows the micro-movements of your smartwatch and are able to detect what keys you’re pressing with your left hand and thus guess what words you may be typing on a keyboard. A group of students lead by Romit Roy Choudhury, Associate Professor at ECE Illinois developed a mobile app th
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Management and Security Implications of the Smartwatch at Work

Like the smartphone and tablet before it, will the smartwatch be the next boon for enterprise productivity? When smartphones hit the market just a few short years ago, users from the C-suite to the intern level began to bring these new devices into the office and demand access to corporate resources, leaving enterprise IT scrambling for a solution to the bur
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Smartwatch Hacked... Data Exchange with Smartphone Not So Secure

We are living in an era of smart devices that we sync with our smartphones and make our lives very simple and easy, but these smart devices that inter-operates with our phones could leave our important and personal data wide open to hackers and cybercriminals.Security researchers have demonstrated that the data sent between a Smartwatch and an Android smartp
Publish At:2014-12-11 14:40 | Read:3964 | Comments:0 | Tags:Android Android Lollipop Android Smartwatch Bluetooth hackin

Smartwatch Hacked, how to access data exchanged with Smartphone

Security experts at BitDefender demonstrated how is possible to access data exchanged between a smartwatch and a smartphone via Bluetooth. The paradigm of Internet of Things is influencing modern society and the way it approaches the technology in everyday life. An impressive amount of Intelligent devices surround us, but of
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How safe is your quantified self? Tracking, monitoring, and wearable tech

Each day, millions of people worldwide are actively recording every aspect of their lives, thoughts, experiences, and achievements in an activity known as self-tracking (aka quantified self or life logging). People who engage in self-tracking do so for various reasons. Given the amount of personal data being generated, transmitted, and stored at
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