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Why Smartphone Apps Will Help Home Automation Thrive

Guest post by Emma. Home automation technology has struggled to gain serious traction because, for all its promised convenience, the current tangle of cords and communication standards still has consumers in knots. New quote-unquote-smart systems have made huge strides recently, but not everyone has chosen invest – yet. Totally “smart” homes still await the
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Why are Android bugs so serious?

Yet another big vulnerability in the headlines. The Metaphor hack was discovered by Israel-based NorthBit and can be used to take control over almost any Android device. The vulnerability can be exploited from video files that people encounter when surfing the web. It affects all versions of Android except version 6, which is the latest major version also kn
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Kids need better protection – An open letter to developers and decision makers

Tuesday February 9th is Safer Internet Day this year. An excellent time to sit down and reflect about what kind of Internet we offer to our kids. And what kind of electronic environment they will inherit from us. I have to be blunt here. Our children love their smartphones and the net. They have access to a lot of stuff that interest them. And it’s their new
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Top Five Mobile Devices That Run Linux

Article submitted by Mark In a market that is churning Android powered device after another Android powered device and the obligatory Apple update to its iPhone and iPad brands, it is no wonder people need to look elsewhere if they want to experience something different in the mobile segment. We aren’t really disrespecting Apple and Google’s effo
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It’s 2AM – Do You Know Who Your Smartphone is Talking to?

Our smartphones know everything about us – who our friends are, where we have been, our financial details, our health information and other intimate details of our lives. But can we trust our phones to keep these our personal information secret?One of the biggest security and privacy challenges of smartphones are the very apps we install on them and use ever
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Only 10% protected – Interesting study on travelers’ security habits

Kaisu who is working for us is also studying tourism. Her paper on knowledge of and behavior related to information security amongst young travelers was released in May, and is very interesting reading. The world is getting smaller. We travel more and more, and now we can stay online even when travelling. Using IT-services in unknown environments does howeve
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10 Things to Tell Your Kids Before Giving Them a Smartphone [Checklist]

This story comes to you as part of our Top 10 List Bonanza series helping students prepare for back to school. Everybody loves a top 10 list; some of our lists might not be exactly 10, some might be 5 or 15, but these are the top lists for you as a student or parent to get revved up for back to school — on the right foot. And we'll give you some discounts al
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Android’s Stagefright bug – phone vendors taken with their pants down

You have all heard the classic mantra of computer security: use common sense, patch your system and install antivirus. That is still excellent advice, but the world is changing. We used to repeat that mantra over and over to the end users. Now we are entering a new era where we have to stress the importance of updates to manufacturers. We did recently write
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Your Location has been Shared 5,398 Times in Last 14 Days

Do you realize how often your smartphone is sharing your location data with various companies? It is more than 5000 times in just two weeks. That is little Shocking but True!A recent study by the security researchers from Carnegie Mellon reveals that a number of smartphone applications collect your location-related data — a lot more than you think. T
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Management and Security Implications of the Smartwatch at Work

Like the smartphone and tablet before it, will the smartwatch be the next boon for enterprise productivity? When smartphones hit the market just a few short years ago, users from the C-suite to the intern level began to bring these new devices into the office and demand access to corporate resources, leaving enterprise IT scrambling for a solution to the bur
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Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge — 8 Things You Should Know

A whole lot of things gone in the official kickoff of Mobile World Congress 2015, but a unique phone with a curved screen on both sides of the device acquired everybody’s attention. That’s what unveiled by Samsung late Sunday.Samsung has officially unveiled its next-generation flagship Smartphones — Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6
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Built-In Backdoor Found in Popular Chinese Android Smartphones

Chinese smartphone manufacturers have been criticized many times for suspected backdoors in its products, the popular Chinese smartphone brands, Xiaomi and Star N9500 smartphones are the top examples. Now, the China's third-largest mobile and world's sixth-largest phone manufacturer 'Coolpad', has joined the list.Millions of Android smartphones sold by Chine
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No, we do not need to carry black boxes

The recent statements from FBI director James Comey is yet another example of the authorities’ opportunistic approach to surveillance. He dislikes the fact that mobile operating systems from Google and Apple now come with strong encryption for data stored on the device. This security feature is naturally essential when you lose your device or if you are a po
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Smartphone Security: Android vs. iOS

When first powering up a new notebook or desktop computer, the first thing a security-savvy person does is make sure security is set up and working. Those who would steal information, use your computer as a launching pad for malicious programs, or are simply out to cause trouble are constantly on the prowl. They use links, scams, robots—every trick in the b
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新しい iPhone を保護するための 3 つの簡単な手順

先日の有名人のヌード写真流出事件を受けて、Apple 社の iCloud のセキュリティに多くの人々が不安をいだいています。ここでは、Apple 社の各種アカウントや iPhone を保護するのに役立つ 3 つの簡単な手順をご紹介します。iPhone を初めて使う方にも機種変更をした方にも有効です。手順 1. Touch ID 指紋認証を有効にするTouch ID を有効にするかどうか確認された場合は必ず有効にしてください。Touch ID は、iPhone 5s、iPhone 6、iPhone 6 Plus に内蔵されている指紋リーダーでユーザーを認証します。指紋を使って、iPhone のロック解除や、iTunes、App Store、または Apple Pay からの購入を実行するこ
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