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Attackers can discover IP address by sending a link over the Skype mobile app

A security researcher demonstrated how to discover a target’s IP address by sending a link over the Skype mobile app. The security researcher Yossi discovered that is possible to discover a target’s IP address by sending a link over the Skype mobile app. The researcher pointed out that the attack only requires the target to open the message. The problem
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How to Improve your Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime call experience

For many people who are working from home for the first time, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, and other video-conferencing services have become essential communication tools. People use these for meetings, but also to keep in touch with friends and family. These apps are easy to use, but the way you experience them can be jarring if you’re not used to this sort
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New Phishing Campaign Spoofed Skype to Steal Users’ Credentials

A phishing campaign leveraged malicious emails to spoof video calling platform Skype in order to steal users’ account credentials.Cofense observed that the campaign began with an attack email that appeared to originate from Skype. Specifically, the attackers crafted the sending email address to read as “67519-81987[@]skype.[REDACTED EMAIL].”
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Experts found a critical remote buffer overflow vulnerability in Skype

The security expert Benjamin Kunz-Mejri from security firm Vulnerability Lab discovered a remote zero-day stack buffer overflow vulnerability in Skype. The security expert Benjamin Kunz-Mejri from security firm Vulnerability Lab discovered a Skype zero-day stack buffer overflow vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2017-9948, that could be exploited by a remot
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Anatomy of Cybercriminal Communications: Why do crooks prefer Skype

Security firm Flashpoint published an interesting paper titled, ‘Cybercrime Economy: An Analysis of Cybercriminal Communication Strategies‘ about cybercriminal communications of threat actors. A recent research by the threat intelligence firm Flashpoint has uncovered how malicious threat actors communicate to share information between them. The r
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Did You Have Ransomware Served to You Via Skype?

News breaking today that Skype users are being targeted by ransomware. Cybercriminals use Adobe Flash to get the job done. Bromium protects you from this kind of nonsense. It’s so hard to know when something can be trusted. And those of us who are just trying to get our jobs done using regular business tools are most often the target. I know: I am an
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Experts spotted a Skype backdoor for Mac, it could be a coding bug

Experts from Trustwave discovered an authentication bypass vulnerability affecting the Mac version of Skype, experts classified it as a Skype backdoor. Security experts from Trustwave have discovered a backdoor in the Mac version of Skype. The flaw, aAn authentication bypass vulnerability, affects the Desktop API that could be used by third-party apps to imp
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Experts devised a method to capture keystrokes during Skype calls

A group of security experts discovered that the Microsoft Skype Messaging service exposes user keystrokes during a conversation. A group of researchers from the University of California Irvine (UCI) and two Italian Universities discovered that the popular Skype Messaging service expose user keystrokes during a call. The researchers have devised a method to r
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Spammers Abusing Trust in US .Gov Domains

Spammers are abusing ill-configured U.S. dot-gov domains and link shorteners to promote spammy sites that are hidden behind short links ending in”usa.gov”. Spam purveyors are taking advantage of so-called “open redirects” on several U.S. state Web sites to hide the true destination to which users will be taken if they click the link.
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A Look Behind The Skype Malvertising Campaign

As reported by F-Secure, a recent malvertising campaign has been hitting several top publishers to push the Angler exploit kit and install the TeslaCrypt ransomware, according to the Finnish company. Some of these infections happened via Skype, which displays ad banners within its product. We looked into the redirection mechanism and identified that these at
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Skype – IP will now be hidden by default to avoid attacks

Skype announced it will hide the user’s IP address, the new security feature is enabled by default in the latest update provided by the company. Skype now hides users’ IP addresses, a measure implemented to protect them against attacks from online trolls. Skype announced the security feature this week in a blog post, the
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Microsoft, Law Enforcement Collaborate in Dorkbot Takedown

A coalition of law enforcement agencies worked together recently to disrupt Dorkbot, a botnet that’s managed to infect more than one million machines in 190 countries during the last year.Researchers with Microsoft’s Malware Protection Center announced the news via a post on the MMPC blog. Two divisions within Microsoft, the Malware Protection
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Skype Hike – Mistake or Forward Planning?

Skype Hike – Mistake or Forward Planning? Posted by Kevin on October 30, 2015.The worrying thing about the latest Microsoft/Skype fiasco is not that it happened. Microsoft sent an email to, well, loads of Skype number customers saying:We’re writing to let you know about an upcomi
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Latest Microsoft Transparency Report Details Content Removal Requests

Microsoft launched a new transparency website this week that bundles reports detailing requests for data the company has received, including those from law enforcement, the government, and elsewhere.The page, which Microsoft is calling its Transparency Hub, is somewhat similar to what Apple did last month when it looped all of its transparency reports togeth
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Skype Hacking Tool: A Sting in the Tail…

More often than not, when digging around the more dubious corners of the web “Skype hacking tool” means “If you install this, your PC is going to need a bit of a lie down”. Typically, these executables are backdoored, pop surveys, open up shock memes on your desktop at inopportune moments and generally do anything but the unique selli
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