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From Linux to Windows – New Family of Cross-Platform Desktop Backdoors Discovered

Background Recently we came across a new family of cross-platform backdoors for desktop environments. First we got the Linux variant, and with information extracted from its binary, we were able to find the variant for Windows desktops, too. Not only that, but the Windows version was additionally equipped with a valid code signing signature. Let´s have a loo
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D-Link Accidentally Leaks Private Code-Signing Keys

A simple mistake by networking gear manufacturer D-Link could have opened the door for costly damage.Private keys used to sign software published by D-Link were found in the company’s open source firmware packages. While it’s unknown whether the keys were used by malicious third parties, the possibility exists that they could have been used by a
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Sony Digital Certs Being Used To Sign Malware

So at the end of November, Sony got owned, owned REAL bad – we wrote about it here: Sony Pictures Hacked – Employee Details & Movies Leaked. It seems in as a part of the massive haul of documents, the digital certificates used to sign software were also stolen.Which is bad, as you can imagine. Not SSL certs, but software crypto-certs that verify t
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