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US agencies offer $2M in reward for Ukrainian hackers that breached the SEC

The US State Department and Secret Service offered $2 million in reward money for help capturing two Ukrainian SEC hackers. The US State Department and Secret Service offered $2 million in reward money for help capturing two Ukrainian hackers that have been charged with hacking and selling insider corporate data stolen from the Securities and Exchange Com
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SEC announces it was hacked, information may have been used for insider trading

The top U.S. markets regulator SEC announced a security breach, accessed data might have been used by crooks for insider trading. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced that cyber criminals had previously breached its database of corporate announcements in 2016 and likely they have used it for insider trading. On Wednesday, the SEC Chair
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Cybersecurity: a question of trust

This post is authored by Robert Hayes, Senior Director and Chief Security Advisor in Microsoft’s Enterprise Cybersecurity Group. With the scale, scope, and complexity of cyber-attacks increasing by the week, cybersecurity is increasingly being seen as a primary issue for CEOs & Boards. Advice is not hard to find, and there are a multitude of information
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Dutch Police seized two servers of the VPN provider Perfect Privacy

The Dutch Police has seized two servers belonging to Switzerland-based Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider Perfect Privacy, as part of an investigation. Recently, two European countries, France and Germany, have declared war against encryption with an objective to force major technology companies to build encryption backdoors in their secure messaging se
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Target Says SEC Won’t Pursue Enforcement Action as a Result of Data Breach

Target officials say that the Securities and Exchange Commission, one of several U.S. agencies investigating the massive data breach at the company in 2013, has decided not to punish Target as a result of the breach.The Target data breach is one of the larger such incidents ever. The breach affected more than 100 million people and the attackers stole credit
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SSCC 168 - Amaze your friends by ruining all their USB drives! [PODCAST]

Sophos Security Chet Chat - Episode 168 - October 8, 2014News, opinion, advice and research!Here's our latest security podcast, featuring Sophos experts and Naked Security writers Chester Wisniewski and Paul Ducklin.(Audio player above not working? Download the MP3, or listen on Soundcloud.)In this episode of the Chet Chat [0'36"] BadUSB - now with Do-It-Yo
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