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Watch out for this triple threat PayPal phish

ZDNet reports an interesting form of PayPal scam sent to one of their own writers. The scam is a so-called “triple threat” phish, in that it gives the scammer three different ways to potentially collect some ill gotten gains from potential victims. The idea is that if one of the three tactics fails, there are two more waiting in the win
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"Baby dumped at the gate" post is a Facebook hoax

Every so often, bizarre but oddly believable scams do the rounds on Facebook.  And so we have the latest: A tragic tale of a lost baby left outside the gate of someone’s house. The abandoned baby Facebook hoax springs into action A post made to Facebook December 1st by someone claiming to be in the UK made the following post alongside a photo
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BeReal – The Newest Kid On The Social Media Block

Without doubt, the biggest criticism we all have of social media is that everyone always looks fabulous! And while we all know that everyone is only sharing the best version of themselves, let’s be honest – it can be a little wearing. Well, there’s a new social media platform that is determined to uproot our online curated lives by having users post ve
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Black Friday and Cyber Monday, crooks are already at work

Every year during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, crooks take advantage of the bad habits of users with fraudulent schema. Researchers at Bitdefender Antispam Lab have analyzed during the last weeks the fraudulent activities associated with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The experts noticed that between October 26 and November 6, the rate of unsolicited
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Man scammed IRL for a phone he sold online

If you’re looking to sell an item which you’ve advertised online, be on your guard. Even when everything looks to be working as it should, things can go wrong very quickly as one unfortunate IT graduate recently discovered. You would think that there’s no way the in-person sale of an expensive device, with money exchanging digitally on your
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Fake tractor fraudsters plague online transactions

The agriculture sector has been under fire from digital attacks for some time now. The primary problem so far has been ransomware, and law enforcement recently warned that malware authors may be gearing up to time their attacks in this sector for maximum damage. The FBI highlighted that attacks occurred throughout both 2021 and 2022, including outbreaks
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UK government sounds alarm on tax scams

The UK government has issued a warning for people to be on their guard against fake tax rebate scams as they gearing up to fill out their 2021/22 tax returns. Ensuring your self-employed documents are correct and accurate can be a complicated business at the best of times. Having to worry about scammers making it all worse can make it a nightmare. During tax
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An 18 year scam odyssey of stranded astronauts

There is a semi-mythical scam which comes around every couple of years, like some sort of digital bad luck version of Halley’s Comet. Instead of flood, famine, and the death of Kings, it brings confusion, some level of hilarity, and a slice of sheer disbelief. Unfortunately it also threatens to clean out somebody’s bank account. While I’m n
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Romance scammer given 25 years of alone time

Romance scams are often low risk, high reward strategies for ciminals, who use them to steal large sums of money from vulnerable people in the cruellest ways possible. Once the victim wires the cash, there’s a good chance that it’s never coming back. The perpetrator has almost certainly covered their tracks, and both the criminal and their stolen
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19-Year-Old man arrested for misusing leaked record from Optus Breach

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) arrested a 19-year-old teen from Sydney for attempting to use data from the Optus data breach in SMS scams. The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has arrested a 19-year-old teen from Sydney for allegedly attempting to use data leaked after the Optus data breach in a fraudulent scheme aimed at extorting victims via SMS sca
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Tax refund phish logs keystrokes to swipe personal details

There’s been some smart phishing campaigns running over the last few weeks, and this one is particularly sneaky. Bleeping Computer reports that a phishing page is targeting Greek taxpayers with a tax refund scam. The added sting in the tail comes in the form of an embedded keylogger which grabs everything entered onto the page. An untimely tax refund T
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Scammers send fake 'Energy Bills Support Scheme' texts

Watch out for an energy-themed scam being sent out via SMS. The message plays on energy price fears, similar to what we’ve seen previously. Scam alert. I just received this text. Click through and it looks very official. It’s a scam. The £400 energy bill discount is automatic, you don’t need to register or share any details with anyo
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Scammers live-streamed on YouTube a fake Apple crypto event

Scammers live-streamed on YouTube an old interview with Tim Cook as part of a fake Apple crypto event, and tens of thousands of users viewed it. Cybercriminals were live-streaming on YouTube an old interview with Tim Cook as part of a fake Apple crypto event, and tens of thousands of users viewed it. The interview was transmitted by CNN conducted in 2018.
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YouTuber on the run after allegedly swiping $55m from followers

We mostly hear about bogus advertising and offers via compromised accounts on Instagram or Facebook. Strict advertising rules on social media involve making it clear that someone is promoting an ad or offering up a risky venture. However, sometimes things go wrong on other platforms like YouTube. The immediacy of video content combined with massive audiences
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WhatsApp Scams in 2022: What to Look out for

WhatsApp is ranked as the most popular mobile messenger app in the world.  In fact, there are two billion active users on the app. This is an incredibly large audience. Unfortunately, it is also a huge number of potential victims for criminals to target. Cybercriminals are increasingly using WhatsApp as the medium for their attacks, and while people hav
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