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Free Cyber Safety Resources during COVID-19

Whether you are reading this from somewhere in the United States or overseas, chances are you are doing it from the comfort of your home. Not because you chose to but because you were asked to do so in order to prevent Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) from spreading any further.If you are a parent, working remotely with your kids at home, you are probably
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Tornados, Necessity, and the Evolution of Mitigating Controls

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), a tornado (also called a twister, whirlwind, or cyclone) is a violently rotating column of air that extends from a thunderstorm and comes into contact with the ground. Tornado intensity is measured by the enhanced Fujita (EF) scale from 0 through 5, based on the amount and type of wind
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Instagram clamps down on fake messages with anti-phishing tool

Instagram accounts will always be a popular target for scammers. You might not think it’s a big deal if someone has their account swiped, but it’s often the vanguard of many online businesses. A takeover, or a deletion, can be absolutely devastating. Smart hacking crews are always in the background, waiting to see what they can get away with—and it’s not jus
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The New Battlefield: Why Nation-State Malware is Winning

This warfare is being fought with computers and special created malware. It is Cyber Warfare and every large nation is playing along The most recent exposed vulnerability from Microsoft demonstrates exactly the type of method Nation-State attackers’ use. So how does a nation as sophisticated as the United States keep losing the cyber battle? The problem lie
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What Will Protect Your Connected Car Against Hackers?

There are a lot of great benefits to a connected car like the new Toyota Highlander: increased integration, a more comfortable driving experience and personalized controls, just to name a few. However, with increased computing power comes increased risk that hackers could take control of a car remotely, causing it to speed up, turn off, or turn unexpectedly,
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Some Unorthodox Back-To-School Online Safety Tips For the Tech Savvy

Have you read the latest online safety back-to-school tips? Some of the advice is excellent, such as resisting the urge to click on unsolicited links in text messages, locking your phone before you put it down, and never sharing your passwords.However, to the tech-savvy among us, these bits of advice make us roll our eyes with a sigh of “same old….”So,
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Internet Safety for Kids – Digital Parenting Do’s and Don’ts

Part of being a parent is keeping kids safe, but it’s also about helping kids grow up to become responsible, independent adults. But there’s a bit of friction between these two ideas. How do parents find the right balance between protecting their kids and letting them behave independently? This friction is very apparent when it comes to how parents let
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The Dronecatcher evolves featuring a new improvement

Delft Dynamics conducted a successful test, where a drone was taken out of the air by another unmanned aerial vehicle named DroneCatcher. The drone industry is growing at a rapid pace. Aerospace research company Teal Group has estimated that sales of military and civilian drones will total over $89 billion in the next 10 years. The possible fields of applica
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Gmail to warn you if your friends aren’t using secure e-mail

EnlargeLikewise, if you receive a message that can’t be authenticated, you won’t be hit by klaxon alarms. Instead, Gmail will replace the sender's profile photo with an incriminating question mark, identifying them as potentially suspicious. What you do with that information after that, of course, is entirely up to you. Despite the advent of this new warning
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What are your kids doing for Safer Internet Day?

Today is Safer Internet Day – a day to talk about what kind of place the Internet is becoming for kids, and what people can do to make it a safe place for kids and teens to enjoy. We talk a lot about various online threats on this blog. After all, we’re a cyber security company, and it’s our job to secure devices and networks to keep people protected from mo
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Filling those last minute stockings? Here are tips to keep you safe shopping on mobile

It’s no longer uncommon to do your shopping on your mobile device. Ever sat on the couch watching Netflix and browsing your favorite retailer on your tablet? Many of us have been there. Indeed, 52 percent of millennials make purchases on their mobile devices at least a few times a month, according to research from Invoca. While this is no longer a foreign co
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The Internet of Toys: Child Safety and Public Disclosure

As Christmas approaches, like most parents and grandparents, I set off shopping with my wife to seek out suitable presents to drop into Santa’s sack for the festive season of giving.My granddaughter loves nothing more than to get her little hands on an iPad (on which she stabs around under supervision) to enjoy some of the rich entertainment hosted on
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Cyber Monday Mythbusting

It’s Cyber Monday, and marketing companies expect online shoppers to flock to websites and apps in order to take advantage of holiday sales. And naturally, this causes concerns about what kind of risks people are taking when they shop online. But F-Secure Security Advisor Sean Sullivan says any security warnings focusing on Cyber Monday are simply part
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POLL: Do you use two-factor authentication?

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month in the US, and European Cyber Security Month in Europe. Basically, institutions in these two countries have decided that it’s time for people to get serious about cybersecurity. And they’re right to do it – according to F-Secure’s Business Security Insider blog, there was 81 cyberattacks every minute in 2014
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Very Soon, Swipes will be Out and Inserts will be In

On October 1, retailers across the United States are expected to fully implement EMV payment cards or smart cards and the technology used to authenticate them. This means that American customers will now be using debit and credit cards with computer chips on them—a technology that is commonly used in Europe, the U.K., and some Asian countries. This nationwid
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