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Hacking Christmas Gifts: Artie Drawing Robot

If high-tech gadgets are on your holiday shopping list, it is worth taking a moment to think about the particular risks they may bring. Under the wrong circumstances, even an innocuous gift may introduce unexpected vulnerabilities. In this blog series, VERT will be looking at some of the Internet’s best-selling holiday gifts with an eye toward thei
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Hacking Robots Before Skynet

By Cesar Cerrudo (@cesarcer)and Lucas Apa (@lucasapa)Robots are goingmainstream in both private and public sectors - on military missions,performing surgery, building skyscrapers, assisting customers at stores, as healthcareattendants, as business assistants, and interacting closely with our familiesin a myriad of ways. Robots are already showing up in many
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Sending The Elevator Back Down

“If you have done well in whatever business you are in, it’s your duty to send the elevator back down and try to help bring up the next generation of undiscovered talent.”As someone who has been in the security industry for over a decade, this quote from Kevin Spacey resonates with me. I have found the information security field to be parti
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Summer Security Interns: Tripwire’s Perspective

In 2015, Tripwire partnered with FIRST Robotics to bring on summer interns from local high schools. Our goal was to teach the students about various aspects of information security on both the offensive and defensive side.The goals I set out for our interns in 2015 were a bit lofty, to say the least. I had planned on teaching them about the various tools in
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Hacking telesurgery robots, a concrete risk

Security experts have conducted an experimental to analyze cyber security threats against teleoperated surgical robots in telesurgery. Technology will help humans to overwhelm any obstacle, one of them is the concept of space that for some activities could represent a serious problem. Let’s think for example to a life-sa
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