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How Shopping Bots Can Compromise Retail Cybersecurity

Online shopping bots are not new to the e-commerce world. Stores use bots to offer better customer service, but malicious bots can cause major harm to a business. These pose cybersecurity risks to e-commerce retailers and consumers alike. Some customers use shopping bots to execute automated tasks based on a set of instructions, such as log onto website -&g
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Cost of a Data Breach: Retail Costs, Risks and More To Know

E-commerce sales grew by nearly one-third in 2020, in large part due to the pandemic. Meanwhile, retail data breaches grew even more prevalent and costly. Retailers need to know not just the cost of a data breach, but the risks and challenges involved with one. This can help IT security professionals and business owners protect against attacks. It also help
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Roundup: Customer Data and Retail Security in the News

More people are shopping online than ever before due to the pandemic. Therefore, businesses had to take extra steps to protect customer data, combat fraud and implement the latest in online safety. In 2020, e-commerce retail sales jumped from 16% to 19%, according to data from United Nations trade and development experts from UNCTAD.  In the U.S.
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Supply Chain Attack: What It Is (and What to Do About It)

The past two years have delivered major disruptions for supply chains. The pandemic pushed supply chain attack issues front-and-center, with disruptions up 67% in 2020 and problems expected to persist as global markets adjust to ‘new normal’ operations. Increasing reliance on digital supply solutions, however, has also set the stage for increasi
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What’s Behind the Leaks of Customer Data From Retailer Databases?

Retail data breaches involving customer data happen often today. However, they tend to be smaller insize than health care, finance or government breaches. So, the general public notices them less. Yet, they happen more often than realized. Why? And how can you defend against them?  Human Error in Customer Data Theft All types of retail outlets could fa
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How to Avoid Smishing Attacks Targeting Subscription Service Users

If you’re anything like me, you used delivery more during the pandemic than before. Both getting food brought to my door and meal kit boxes mean people don’t have to mask up and go out to the grocery store. But threat actors know that, too. Recent scams take advantage of people signing up for more services, disguising their data theft as company
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Learning the Building Blocks for Your CIAM Framework Part 3: Manage

Imagine being able to manage hundreds of millions of IDs and process billions of logins and other transactions per day. That’s what you can achieve for your organization by using consumer identity and access management, or CIAM. At the same time, your users can manage their data themselves by having a CIAM system ready to handle their needs and demand
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How Good Transaction Security Can Make Customer Visits Easier

Every time I start to put my information into an online form, especially if it’s my credit card number or a banking transaction, I almost always pause. There was a time when I entered customer data without a second thought. Now, with the constant news of breaches and attacks, even those not in the cybersecurity field are now more aware of the risks. A
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Learning the Building Blocks You Need for Consumer Identity and Access Management Part 2: Engage

Some online experiences are so bad that 25% of users abandon an application after first use and never return. To avoid this retention problem, you should offer better engagement to your customers during their authentication and authorization process. Engage is the second of four building blocks essential for successful consumer identity and access managemen
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Learning the Building Blocks of Your CIAM Framework Part 1: Capture

Ever been on a website, ready to check out, only to encounter multiple fields to fill at once? Did the process frustrate you and make you close the page without completing your transaction? Such experiences and the resulting loss of customers could be happening to your business. That’s why you need better consumer identity and access management (CIAM)
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IoT Security: Why Food Industry Cyber Awareness Should Be Your Main Ingredient

The food industry faces an uncertain future. Restaurants and prepared-food companies, food manufacturers, farmers and producers that survived the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 are heading into a new world. Some of the competition has been removed, new players are entering the market and both tastes and consumer habits have changed. Take a look at our recipe fo
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Why E-Commerce Security Matters Now More Than Ever

In February 2020, the world’s biggest retailer, Amazon, fended off the largest distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack in history. As peak traffic volume hit 2.3 Tbps, e-commerce security experts declared this attack as “a warning we should not ignore.”  DDoS attacks are nothing new. Every day, security teams deal with these malic
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Threat Actors’ Most Targeted Industries in 2020: Finance, Manufacturing and Energy

IBM Security’s annual X-Force Threat Intelligence Index uses data derived from across our teams and managed customers to gather insights about the topmost targeted industries every year, helping organizations manage risk and resource investment in their security programs. When it comes to managing digital risk and facing potential cyberattacks, each i
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Retail Cybersecurity: How to Protect Your Customer Data

In the early days of the pandemic, many retailers quickly launched e-commerce stores for the first time. Others expanded their offerings, such as adding online ordering with curbside pick-up. Within only a few months, the pandemic accelerated the shift to e-commerce stores by five years. This points to the need for increased retail cybersecurity. 
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The Shift to E-Commerce: How Retail Cybersecurity is Changing

With more people making purchases from home, now is a more important time than ever to secure your business against retail security threats. More and more customers are moving to online orders with gradual growth accelerated by five years in 2020 alone. Take a look at retail cybersecurity risks and how to protect against them. How to Protect Customer Data O
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