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Help prevent disaster donation scams from causing more misery

It’s a sad day when we have to warn people about medical charity scams, or tax fakeouts, or even have a week dedicated to foiling charity fraud—but here we are. With so many natural disasters occurring, from wildfires in California to tornadoes in Dallas, disaster donation scams remain a top resource for scammers looking for free cash. Unfortunately, disaste
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Australian Red Cross Leaks Data of 550,000 Blood Donors

The personal data of over half a million blood donors across Australia has been leaked online, confirmed the Red Cross Blood Service on Friday.According to security researcher Troy Hunt, the data was exposed after a Red Cross partner published a 1.74 GB database backup to a publicly facing website.The file contained more than 1.2 million records for 550,000
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Red Cross 419 Scam Exploits Typhoon Haiyan

There are a number of emails currently in circulation attempting to cash in on the generosity of individuals and organisations wanting to assist the Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts. Another one just landed in our spamtraps, and reads as follows: click to enlarge Donate-to-victims-of-super-typhoon Emergency Relief Dear Sir/Madam Donate Now To Emergency Relief i
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