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Bitdefender releases free decrypter for Darkside ransomware

Security firm Bitdefender released a tool that allows victims of the Darkside ransomware to recover their files without paying the ransom. Good news for the victims of the Darkside ransomware, they could recover their files for free using a tool that was released by the security firm Bitdefender. The decrypter seems to work for all recent versions of the
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Intel adds hardware-based ransomware detection to 11th gen CPUs

Intel announced today at CES 2021 that they have added hardware-based ransomware detection to their newly announced 11th generation Core vPro business-class processors.These hardware-based detections are accomplished using Intel Threat Detection Technology (Intel TDT) and Hardware Shield that run directly on the CPU underneath the operating system and firmwa
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Intel's New vPro Processors Aim to Help Defend Against Ransomware

The newest Intel Core vPro mobile platform gives PC hardware a direct role in detecting ransomware attacks.Intel is bringing ransomware protection to its new 11th Gen Core vPro mobile processors with the goal of strengthening security and visibility at the hardware level without disrupting the user experience.Related Content:How to Avoid Getting Killed by Ra
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Decryptor Released for Ransomware That Allegedly Helped Cybercriminals Make Millions

Bitdefender on Monday announced the availability of a free tool that organizations can use to recover files encrypted by DarkSide, a piece of ransomware that cybercriminals claim helped them make millions.DarkSide is a ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) offering that was first announced on cybercrime forums in August 2020. DarkSide operators have been making mon
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DarkSide ransomware decryptor recovers victims' files for free

Romanian cybersecurity firm Bitdefender has released a free decryptor for the DarkSide ransomware to allow victims to recover their files without paying a ransom.DarkSide is a human-operated ransomware that has already earned millions in payouts since it started targeting enterprises in August 2020.The operation has seen a spike in activi
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Ransomware Gangs Scavenge for Sensitive Data by Targeting Top Executives

In their attempt to extort as much money as quickly as possible out of companies, ransomware gangs know some effective techniques to get the full attention of a firm’s management team.And one of them is to specifically target the sensitive information stored on the computers used by a company’s top executives, in the hope of finding valuable data
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Source code for malware that targets Qiui Cellmate device was leaked online

The source code for the ChastityLock ransomware that was used in attacks aimed at the users of the Qiui Cellmate adult toy is now publicly available. Recently a family of ransomware was observed targeting the users of the Bluetooth-controlled Qiui Cellmate chastity device.  Qiui Cellmate made the headlines in October when the researchers at Pen Test P
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Security Affairs newsletter Round 296

A new round of the weekly SecurityAffairs newsletter arrived! Every week the best security articles from Security Affairs free for you in your email box. NCA arrested 21 customers of the WeLeakInfo serviceOver 200 million records of Chinese Citizens for Sale on the DarkwebTop data breaches of 2020 – Security AffairsApex Laboratory disclose data breach aft
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Dassault Falcon Jet hit by Ragnar Locker ransomware gang

Dassault Falcon Jet has disclosed a data breach that exposed personal information belonging to current and former employees. In December Dassault, Dassault Falcon Jet (DFJ) was the victim of a cyber attack that may have exposed personal information belonging to current and former employees. The data security incident also exposed information belonging
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ChastityLock ransomware targeted men's Bluetooth chastity belt

The source code for the ChastityLock ransomware that targeted male users of a specific adult toy is now publicly available for research purposes.Users of the Bluetooth-controlled Qiui Cellmate chastity device were targets of an attack with this malware last year after security researchers found a vulnerability in the toy that allowed locking it rem
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The Week in Ransomware - January 8th 2021 - $150 million

Even though the holidays are over in many countries, it has been a very quiet week for ransomware. Unfortunately, ransomware activity will likely pick up shortly.This week's biggest news was China APT hackers starting to use ransomware and Ryuk bitcoin wallets indicating they have earned $150 million in ransom payments.We also had victims, suc
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Ransomware Attack Costs Health Network $1.5m a Day

A cyber-attack on a Vermont healthcare provider has delayed the rollout of an electronic health record (EHR) system and cost millions of dollars in lost revenue. The University of Vermont Health Network, which is based in Burlington, was hit by ransomware in October 2020, and is yet to make a full recovery. Most computer systems have been brought b
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Dassault Falcon Jet reports data breach after ransomware attack

Dassault Falcon Jet has disclosed a data breach that may have led to the exposure of personal information belonging to current and former employees, as well as their spouses and dependents.Dassault Falcon Jet is the US subsidiary of French aerospace company Dassault Aviation which designs and builds military aircraft, business jets, and space systems.The Das
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FBI Warns Businesses of Egregor Ransomware Attacks

Offered under a Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) business model, the Egregor ransomware poses a great threat to businesses due to the use of double extortion, a recent private industry notification from the Federal Bureau of Investigation warns.Initially observed by the FBI in September 2020, Egregor has claimed more than 150 victims to date, all around the wo
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Ryuk Ransomware Attackers Have Made $150m

The infamous operators of the Ryuk ransomware have amassed a fortune of at least $150m, according to researchers who studied the flow of Bitcoin to the group.A new report from US threat prevention firm AdvIntel and UK-based threat intelligence vendor Hyas is based on analysis of 61 cryptocurrency deposit addresses linked to Ryuk.Most of the digital currency
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