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At least 31 US Businesses targeted with WastedLocker Ransomware

Tens of organizations in the United States have been targeted with the recently discovered WastedLocker ransomware. The malicious code was first documented by researchers from the NCC Group’s report and later Symantec published its own analysis. Security experts from Symantec reported that at least 31 organizations in the United States have been targe
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It has happened again, ransomware infected an LG Smart TV

The software engineer Darren Cauthon reported his LG Smart TV was infected with ransomware on Christmas day, the malware asked for $500 to unlock the device IoT Ransomware is a scaring reality, the threat will increase in the next months and security firms have been warning IT industry. Routers, smart TV, and CCTVs are all potential victims of such category
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