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Hacker threatens Canadian University to dump student info unless the university pay a ransom

A hacker is attempting to extort the Canadian University of Fraser Valley (UFV), threatening to dump student information unless the university pays a ransom. Extortion is a winning criminal model for crooks, a hacker is attempting to extort the Canadian University of Fraser Valley (UFV), threatening to dump student information unless the university pay 30,00
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Security Professionals Admit to Paying Ransom and Hiding Breaches (Infographic)

We did a survey at RSAC in February that kind of blew our minds; so much so we surveyed more people to check our work! Security professionals admit to paying ransom (from ransomware) and not telling anyone what they’d done. When we went more broadly – U.S. and U.K. security pros – the numbers didn’t get better (they got worse). Have
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Netflix and Orange is the New Black Are Being Held for Ransom

Netflix has been asked to pay an unspecified amount in ransom. Un-aired episodes of the show, Orange is the New Black (OTNB) is the hostage. This time it’s personal: I wait months for the new season and I don’t want any spoilers. I met Jenji Kohan’s husband, Chris Noxon, years ago at a marketing conference where he was speaking about his
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Hacker Buba is asking UAE bank for $3 million ransom

A criminal named Hacker Buba after asking UAE bank for $3 million ransom started leaking customer data online. Last week a hacker, who named itself as ‘Hacker Buba,’ breached a United Arab Emirates Bank, then he start tweeting customers’ information announcing the disclosure of tens of thousands of customer files o
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Hacker Holds United Arab Emirates Bank to Ransom, Demands $3 Million

A malicious hacker that successfully breached the IT systems of a large bank in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) demanded nearly $3 million worth of cryptocurrency or the financial information of hundreds of its customers would be leaked online.The hacker – who goes by the alias ‘Hacker Buba’ – reportedly gained access to the bank’s systems last month. He thre
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Pay or we’ll knock your site offline—DDoS-for-ransom attacks surge

A number of sites have been hit by distributed denial-of-service attacks over the past week. Strong enough to knock some of them offline for days at a time, these DDoS attacks have been launched by extortionists demanding thousands of dollars in ransom money.Further ReadingCrypto e-mail service pays $6,000 ransom, gets taken out by DDoS anywayFollow-on attac
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Armada Collective Hackers Target Secure Email Services with Blackmail DDoS Attacks

A hacker group known as the Armada Collective is currently targeting secure email services with prolonged blackmail distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack campaigns.Last week, Geneva-based encrypted email service ProtonMail announced that it had been temporarily knocked offline by a DDoS attack. After issuing a post explaining what it was doing to corre
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ProtonMail Back Online Following Six-Day DDoS Attack

Encrypted email service ProtonMail is back online today following a crippling six-day attack that saw the company’s ISPs and data centers under siege.Operators behind the service said the site may not always be reachable, as its servers are still under heavy strain and mitigating attack, and that it’s looking for donations to prevent its infrastr
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ProtonMail paid a $6000 Ransom to stop DDoS Attacks

ProtonMail has paid a $6000 Ransom to stop prolonged DDoS attacks that knocked its services offline since Tuesday. Unfortunately, the attacks are continuing. The popular encrypted email service ProtonMail has suffered a prolonged major DDoS attack that knocked it offline since Tuesday. It was an extortion attempt, the attacker
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Crypto e-mail service pays $6,000 ransom, gets taken out by DDoS anyway

A provider of end-to-end encrypted e-mail said it paid a ransom of almost $6,000 to stop highly advanced denial-of-service attacks that knocked its networks, and the networks of some of its upstream providers, offline.In a blog post published Thursday, officials of Switzerland-based ProtonMail said they "grudgingly agreed" to pay 15 bitcoins, which at curren
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TalkTalk Hackers Demand Ransom from CEO

U.K. telecom TalkTalk, still reeling from a break-in reported last Wednesday, tried to cushion the blow over the weekend by telling those affected that the number of records stolen was smaller than originally thought.CEO Dido Harding said in a video update posted Sunday to the TalkTalk site that the Metropolitan Police Cyber Crime Unit investigation continue
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DDoS Extortion – Biting the DDoS Bullet

It started with a five minute long DDoS attack which established that the cybercriminals meant business and could cause impact, this small sample attack stopped all business for five minutes. They then sent an email demanding payment of the ransom in bitcoins within 48 hours, otherwise a second and far more damaging DDoS attack would ensue and the ransom amo
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