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What the New Federal Cybersecurity Act Means for Businesses

On December 21, 2022, President Biden signed the Quantum Computing Cybersecurity Preparedness Act. The risk of quantum-powered password decryption is increasing exponentially. The new legislation is designed to help federal agencies proactively shift to a post-quantum security posture. Agencies have until May 4, 2023, to submit an inventory of potentially v
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Why Quantum Computing Capabilities Are Creating Security Vulnerabilities Today

Quantum computing capabilities are already impacting your organization. While data encryption and operational disruption have long troubled Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), the threat posed by emerging quantum computing capabilities is far more profound and immediate. Indeed, quantum computing poses an existential risk to the classical encryptio
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Transitioning to Quantum-Safe Encryption

With their vast increase in computing power, quantum computers promise to revolutionize many fields. Artificial intelligence, medicine and space exploration all benefit from this technological leap — but that power is also a double-edged sword. The risk is that threat actors could abuse quantum computers to break the key cryptographic algorithms we de
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Prepare for Quantum Encryption Today

Once a cutting-edge sci-fi theory, quantum encryption – along with the computing power that drives it – may be close to wide-scale deployment. When it comes online, all previous cryptographic standards used to protect our data could go up in smoke. With every tool that could change the world comes questions of scale and mass deployment. Is it re
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The Post-Quantum Cryptography World Is Coming: Here’s How to Prepare

Have you ever sat in traffic and cursed the town planners? For years, you may have watched as the town approved new subdivisions and stores along the roads you drive often. And you wondered when they would add a new lane, extend a road or install a new stoplight. But think about this: If you’re skipping over news articles about quantum computing and p
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Reflective satellites may be the future of high-end encryption

Quantum key distribution is regularly touted as the encryption of the future. While the keys are exchanged on an insecure channel, the laws of physics provide a guarantee that two parties can exchange a secret key without knowing whether they're being overheard. This unencrypted-but-secure form of key exchange circumvents one of the potential shortcoming
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