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Twilio Hacked After Employees Tricked Into Giving Up Login Credentials

Enterprise software vendor Twilio (NYSE: TWLO) has been hacked by a relentless threat actor who successfully tricked employees into giving up login credentials that were then used to steal third-party customer data.The San Francisco company fessed up to the breach in an online notice that describes a sophisticated threat actor with clever social engineering
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VPN Hacker Protection: Can a VPN Be Hacked?

August 08, 2022 10 0 Author: Billie Walden VPN Hacker Protection: Can a VPN Be Hacked? Virtual Private Network (VPN) is becoming mo
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Ghost Security Snags $15M Investment for API Security Tech

Texas startup Ghost Security has joined the list of early-stage companies in the API and application security space attracting venture capital funding.The Austin-based company emerged from stealth this week with $15 million in investments from 468 Capital, DNX Ventures, and Munich Re Ventures."We believe the explosive growth of microservices and APIs in the
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Compliance Automation Startup RegScale Scores $20 Million Investment

RegScale, a Virginia startup building technology to manage continuous compliance automation tasks, has attracted $20 million in early-stage venture capital funding.The Series A round was led by SYN Ventures with participation from SineWave Ventures, VIPC’s Virginia Venture Partners and SecureOctane.RegScale, which maintains headquarters in Tyson’s Corner, Vi
Publish At:2022-08-03 20:12 | Read:210 | Comments:0 | Tags:Endpoint Security Network Security NEWS & INDUSTRY Priva

Robinhood Crypto Penalized $30M for Violating NY Cybersecurity Regulations

The cryptocurrency division of Robinhood has been slapped with a $30 million penalty by New York's Department of Financial Services for significant violations of cybersecurity and money laundering regulations.The $30 million penalty, announced late Tuesday via a consent order, adds to a litany of problems at Robinhood that range from security breaches, to on
Publish At:2022-08-03 16:14 | Read:216 | Comments:0 | Tags:Endpoint Security Network Security NEWS & INDUSTRY Priva

For months, JusTalk messages were accessible to everyone on the Internet

JusTalk, a popular mobile video calling and messaging app with 20 million global users, exposed a massive database of supposedly private messages to the public Internet for months. According to security researcher Anurag Sen, who discovered the open database, the messages were stored unencrypted, and the database itself was not locked behind a password. &
Publish At:2022-08-03 11:52 | Read:229 | Comments:0 | Tags:Privacy Anurag Sen data breach JusTalk JusTalk 2nd Phone Num

VMware Ships Urgent Patch for Authentication Bypass Security Hole

Virtualization technology giant VMware on Tuesday shipped an urgent, high-priority patch to address an authentication bypass vulnerability in its Workspace ONE Access, Identity Manager and vRealize Automation products.The vulnerability carries VMware’s highest severity rating (CVSSv3 base score of 9.8) and should be remediated without delay, the company said
Publish At:2022-08-02 16:13 | Read:234 | Comments:0 | Tags:Endpoint Security Network Security NEWS & INDUSTRY Priva

How to Prepare for and Respond to a Data Privacy Breach

Before I started covering cybersecurity, I thought the term ‘breach’ had a single meaning — that an attacker stole data from a computer system. I also thought all the different versions of the word meant the same thing. However, I’ve since learned the nuances and differences between a breach, a data breach and a data privacy breach.
Publish At:2022-08-01 13:09 | Read:200 | Comments:0 | Tags:Data Protection Risk Management SOAR cost of data breach PII

10 Facts About Cryptocurrency That You Might Not Know

August 01, 2022 1 0 Author: Adam Torks 10 Facts About Cryptocurrency That You Might Not Know A cryptocurrency is an asset that was
Publish At:2022-08-01 05:49 | Read:248 | Comments:0 | Tags:Comparisons Internet Privacy Tech Tools

Criminals using compromised social media accounts to “post indecent images of children” says UK cybercrime o

Action Fraud, the UK’s national reporting center for fraud and cybercrime, is warning of a very disturbing scam involving social media and “indecent images of children.” Details are light, but social media fans should take this as a warning to lock down their accounts immediately. Criminals are using hacked social media accounts to post
Publish At:2022-07-29 16:02 | Read:267 | Comments:0 | Tags:Privacy fraud indecent social media cybercrime cyber

Google delays Chrome third party cookie sunsetting…again

We’ve seen many examples of third-party cookies being tackled by browsers recently. It’s not so long ago that Firefox effectively locked down third-party tracking by isolating cookies into so-called jars. By doing so, their “Total Cookie Protection” seeks to prevent all those cookies on your PC communicating with one another. This mea
Publish At:2022-07-29 11:52 | Read:219 | Comments:0 | Tags:Privacy ads advertising adverts cookies Google sandbox third

Is Coinbase Safe to Use?

July 29, 2022 15 0 Author: Billie Walden Is Coinbase Safe to Use? The Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange wallet is a reputable tradin
Publish At:2022-07-29 09:47 | Read:440 | Comments:0 | Tags:Security Data Internet Privacy

Is someone stalking you with an Apple AirTag?

Apple’s AirTag has proven to be an excellent option for keeping track of items prompt to get stolen or lost. A whole list of people with lost pieces of luggage managed to reunite with their belongings thanks to Apple’s tracking products. AirTags help find keys and anything else people may want to follow, such as pets. However, recent events have
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Calls Mount for US Gov Clampdown on Mercenary Spyware Merchants

Cybersecurity professionals from Google's threat hunting unit and the University of Toronto's Citizen Lab are upping the pressure on mercenary hacking firms selling high-end surveillance spyware with fresh calls for the U.S. government to urgently clamp down on these businesses.In prepared remarks during a House Intelligence Committee hearing this week, Goog
Publish At:2022-07-28 16:13 | Read:290 | Comments:0 | Tags:Cyberwarfare Disaster Recovery Endpoint Security Network Sec

“Orwellian in the extreme” food store installs facial recognition cameras to stop crime, faces backlash

A convenience shop chain is under fire and facing legal charges for installing cameras with facial recognition software in 35 of its branches across the UK. The cameras analyze and convert video face captures into biometric data. The data is compared with a database of people who have committed crimes in the shop, such as theft or violent behavior. South
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