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Watch out! European Consumer Organisation warns of some kid GPS smartwatches have security flaws

Some kid smartwatches available for sale in Europe pose security and privacy risks, including potentially allowing hackers to take control over them. The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) warns that most children’s GPS-tracking smartwatches represent a threat for them. Many devices are affected by security vulnerabilities that could be exploited by
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Which are most frequently blacklisted apps by enterprises?

Mobile security firm Appthority published an interesting report that revealed which Android and iOS applications are most frequently blacklisted by enterprises. The company Appthority has published an interesting report that reveals which mobile apps, both Android and iOS, are most frequently blacklisted by enterprises. “The mobile ecosystem in an ente
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How We Developed the IBM Security GDPR Framework

Why It’s So Hard to Design Something Simple In our previous blog post, Adam Nelson and I suggested that you set aside time with other people in your organization and familiarize yourselves with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its requirements. Have you done that yet? Don’t be embarrassed to admit that you haven’t. Because eith
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Who Knows Your (Sex) Secrets? Internet of Sex Toys

Security researchers with Pen Test Partners have discovered a vulnerability in the Lovense Hush sex toys, an IoT-enabled butt plug. The recent discovery that internet connected sex toys have major security and privacy flaws should come as no shock but this does raise the issue of how to both satisfy the consumer’s needs while providing maximum protection.  T
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iOS apps can access metadata revealing users’ locations and much more

Developer discovered that iOS apps can read metadata revealing users’ locations and much more, a serious threat to our privacy. The developer Felix Krause, founder of Fastlane.Tools, has discovered that iOS apps can access image metadata revealing users’ location history. Krause published a detailed analysis on the Open Radar community, he explai
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Signal announces private contact discovery to improve users’privacy

Open Whisper Systems announced that it’s working on a new private contact discovery service for its popular communications app Signal. Signal is considered the most secure instant messaging app, searching for it on the Internet it is possible to read the Edward Snowden’ testimony: “Use anything by Open Whisper Systems” Snowden says. The Cryptographer and Pr
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ISPs in at least two countries were involved in delivering surveillance FinFisher Spyware

Security researchers at ESET have uncovered a surveillance campaign using a new variant of FinFisher spyware, also known as FinSpy. Finfisher infected victims in seven countries and experts believe that in two of them the major internet providers have been involved. “New surveillance campaigns utilizing FinFisher, infamous spyware known also as FinSpy
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GDPR offers new protections for young adults

From May 2018, a new data protection law – the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – will come into force, designed to better protect the privacy of European citizens. GDPR gives consumers a number of rights over the personal data that companies collect, and forces those businesses to better protect the information too. If a company does breach the GDP
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Cyber Security Tips for Parents and Children

How to protect your children from cyber threats The summer just gracefully glanced over our lives, and now it is time for things to get back to normal – we will soon start feeling the cold breeze and the days will become shorter. Even though that the good old days of casual dress code in the office are now gone, being back to reality has some positives too.
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Popular Sarahah App secretly uploads your phone contacts to the company’s servers

According to a report published by The Intercept, the popular Sarahah app silently uploads users’ phone contacts to the company’s servers. This summer, Sarahah became one of the most popular iPhone apps in the world for both iOS and Android. Sarahah has been created by Saudi Arabian developer Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, it implements a social network
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Leading by Example: Security and Privacy in the Education Sector

Today’s students will be the first generation entering adulthood with a digital footprint from birth, yet education is one of the most underexplored sectors when it comes to security and privacy. If we’re not careful about securing this data, we leave our children vulnerable to embarrassing — if not outright dangerous — situations. My experienc
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When is a VPN not private? When you’re not paying for it

One of the world’s most popular virtual private networks (VPN) is not so private, according to a complaint filed earlier this week with the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC).The Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT), a nonprofit that advocates for free speech and privacy, contends that the free Hotspot Shield VPN, a product of AnchorFree, Inc
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Hotspot Shield VPN threatens your privacy by injecting ads and JS into browsers

The CDT urged US federal trade authorities to investigate VPN provider AnchorFree for deceptive and unfair trade practices. The digital rights advocacy group Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) urged US federal trade authorities to investigate VPN provider AnchorFree for deceptive trade practices. AnchorFree provides the Hotspot Shield VPN app claimi
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Four Things You Should Know About the GDPR

May 25, 2018 will mark a “before and after” in the field of data protection legislation. That day will see Europe’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) come into effect. Although the date of its entry into force was 25 May 2016, when the two-year transition period stipulated by the legislation is up, any company that violates the requirements of this r
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Worst known governmental leak ever affected the Swedish Transport Agency. Homeland security at risk

Worst known governmental leak ever affected the Swedish Transport Agency, data includes records of members of the military secret units. Sweden might be the scenario for the worst known governmental leak ever, the Swedish Transport Agency moved all of its data to “the cloud,” but it transferred it to somebody else’s computer. The huge trove of data includes
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