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Twitter Taking Steps to Protect Election-Related Accounts

Twitter announced this week that it’s taking steps to protect high-profile accounts during the upcoming election in the United States.Twitter is reaching out, via an in-app notification, to the owners of accounts associated with government officials, presidential campaigns, political parties, candidates, major news outlets and political journalists.The socia
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Anonymous Site Ramps Up 'Doxxing' Campaign Against HK Activists

Since her personal phone number was posted online, Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Carol Ng has received menacing calls from strangers and been bombarded with messages calling her a "cockroach".She is not alone.A sophisticated and shady website called HK Leaks has ramped up its "doxxing" -- where people's personal details are published online -- of Hong Kon
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iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 Patch Vulnerabilities, Introduce New Privacy Features

Apple has patched nearly a dozen vulnerabilities and it has introduced new privacy features with the release of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 this week.Each of the addressed security flaws impacts a different component of the operating system, namely AppleAVD, Assets, Icons, IDE Device Support, IOSurfaceAccelerator, Keyboard, Model I/O, Phone, Sandbox, Siri, and WebK
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Charities and the advertising industry: data ecosystems and privacy risks

Data makes the world go round, more often than not via advertising and its tracking mechanisms. Whether you think making money from large volumes of PII to keep the web ticking over is a good thing, or a sleazy data-grab often encouraging terrible ad practices, it’s not going to go away anytime soon. Charity advertising is an important feature of revenue gen
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Europe Tests Gateway for Tracing Apps to Work Across Borders

Six European Union countries and the bloc’s executive Commission have begun testing a virtual “gateway” to ensure national coronavirus tracing apps can work across borders.The trial starting Monday will allow national computer systems that run tracing apps in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Latvia to communicate with each other via a
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Razer Customer Data Exposed by Server Misconfiguration

A server misconfiguration has resulted in data pertaining to thousands of Razer customers being exposed to the Internet.A Singaporean-American manufacturer of gaming hardware, software, and systems, Razer also provides e-sports and financial services to its customers.The recently discovered misconfigured server, security researcher Bob Diachenko explains, co
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TikTok Rejects Microsoft Offer, Oracle Sole Remaining Bidder

American tech giant Microsoft said Sunday its offer to buy TikTok was rejected, leaving Oracle as the sole remaining bidder ahead of the imminent deadline for the Chinese-owned video app to sell or shut down its US operations.TikTok is at the center of a diplomatic storm between Washington and Beijing, and President Donald Trump has set Americans a mid-Septe
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Google Reveals Work Profile Privacy Features in Android 11

Google this week announced improved privacy and security features in Android 11, including a series of enhancements aimed specifically at employees.Android 11 is the seventh operating system release to include enterprise features since the introduction of the work profile in 2014 to separate work data on employees’ personal devices. The new platform iteratio
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Swiss Official Airs Concerns About Data Privacy in US

A Swiss federal commissioner announced Tuesday that a U.S.-Swiss program aimed to protect personal information exchanged between the two countries doesn’t go far enough, and has downgraded the United States to rank it as a country deemed to have inadequate data protection.Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner Adrian Lobsiger, in a new policy p
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Apple Delays Change Likely to Stymie Mobile Ad Targeting

Apple said on Thursday it would give developers until next year to comply with a software change expected to stymie targeted advertising in iPhone and iPad apps.An update coming to Apple's iOS mobile software includes a requirement for apps to ask users' permission to collect and share device-identifying data used to make ads more relevant."When enabled, a s
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Covid-19 Exposure Logging: Key Privacy Considerations

Recently, both Apple and Google released new updates for iPhone and Android devices. One feature that was added was “Covid-19 Exposure Logging.” The feature is off (for now), and according to the text that accompanies the app, when turned on, it is set to communicate via Bluetooth to other devices.iPhone Android My initial response was that we are
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Google Location-Tracking Tactics Troubled Its Own Engineers

Google’s own engineers were troubled by the way the company secretly tracked the movements of people who didn’t want to be followed until a 2018 Associated Press investigation uncovered the shadowy surveillance, according to unsealed documents in a consumer fraud case.The behind-the-scenes peek stems from a three-month-old lawsuit against Google filed by Ari
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Facebook: Apple Privacy Changes Will Muck Up Online Ads

Facebook is pushing back on new Apple privacy rules for its mobile devices — and putting app developers in the middle.Apple will soon require apps to ask users for permission to collect data on what devices they are using and to let ads follow them around on the internet. The social network said Wednesday that those rules could reduce what apps can earn by a
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Why should you make your social media profiles private?

Nowadays, people are excited to share their personal lives with the rest of the world. In most cases, when you create a profile on popular social media networks such as Instagram and Facebook, the default setting would be for your information to be public. This would allow anyone in the world to see the content that you share, see some of your activity on th
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'Add Photo' Feature on Turkey's Virus App Sparks Alarm

Turkey's coronavirus tracking app is facing fire from privacy advocates for adding a feature allowing users to report social distancing rule violations, with the option to send photos.Critics say the function breaches civil liberties and promotes a "culture of denunciation".Turkish officials counter that the measure is needed to save lives and does not viola
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