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Fears Grow on Digital Surveillance: US Survey

Americans are increasingly fearful of monitoring of their online and offline activities, both by governments and private companies, a survey showed Friday.The Pew Research Center report said more than 60 percent of US adults believe it is impossible to go about daily life without having personal information collected by companies or the government.Most Ameri
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Introducing iVerify, the security toolkit for iPhone users

“If privacy matters, it should matter to the phone your life is on.” So says Apple in their recent ads about Privacy on the iPhone and controlling the data you share—but many of the security features they highlight are opt-in, and users often don’t know when or how to activate them. But hey… we got your back! Today, Trail of Bits launched i
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Google Healthcare Data Move Makes Some Queasy

Google on Tuesday defended a project aimed at modernizing healthcare while giving it access to medical data of millions of people.Reports that Google was amassing medical data prompted a blog post by the Internet giant revealing a project code-named "Nightingale," evidently in tribute to Florence Nightingale whose nursing work during the Crimean War in the 1
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U.S. Customs Officers Need 'Reasonable Suspicion' for Searches: Judge

US customs officers cannot search the computers and phones of people arriving in America unless they have "reasonable suspicion," a federal judge ruled Tuesday in a decision praised by rights activists.Eleven travelers whose electronic equipment was searched for no apparent reason filed a complaint against the United States government in September 2017. 
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Cybersecurity for journalists: How to defeat threat actors and defend freedom of the press

When you’re a journalist or work for the press, there may be times when you need to take extra cybersecurity precautions—more so than your Average Joe. Whether a reporter is trying to crowd-source information without revealing their story or operating in a country where freedom of the press is a pipe dream, cybersecurity plays an important role for any journ
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ACCESS Act might improve data privacy through interoperability

Data privacy is back in Congressional lawmakers’ sights, as a new, legislative proposal focuses not on data collection, storage, and selling, but on the idea that Americans should be able to more easily pack up their user data and take it to a competing service—perhaps one that better respects their data privacy. The new bill would also require certain t
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Chapter Preview: Ages 11 to 17 – From Tweens to Teens

For anyone who asks what happens during the tween through teen years, the best answer is probably, “What doesn’t happen?!” Just so you know, I’ve been there, done that, and got the T-shirt. And I survived. My kids were the first generation to grow up on social media. Like most teens in the mid-2000s, they got their first taste with MySpace and then switched
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Do Americans Think Their Phone Is Listening To Them? (Survey)

Microphones on your devices were created to make life simpler. Not sure what song is playing on the radio? Ask Siri to listen and tell you what the artist is. Need to call your mom but you’re in the middle of cooking dinner? Ask Alexa to make the call for you. The mics in our devices allow us to go hands-free and multitask.  The problem with online microphon
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Tech Firms React to Netizens' Digital Privacy Concerns

Whistleblowers and digital pioneers have long been sounding the alarm about abuses of our privacy online.Now, a slew of tech entrepreneurs are bidding to turn growing consciousness about the problem into a money-making industry and many showcased their skills at this week's Web Summit in Lisbon."Undeniably, with the new tensions that exist, obviously there i
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Apple updates its privacy page with sleek new look

A company’s privacy page usually reads like it was written by lawyers—because it usually is. Information is rarely presented in a way that laypeople can understand, and as for making it both easy to consume and easy on the eyes? Forget it.Apple’s new privacy page thinks different. It presents the company’s privacy info in plain English and in an attractive,
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Aussie Consumer Watchdog Sues Google Over Location Data Use

Australia's consumer watchdog on Tuesday announced legal action against Google for allegedly misleading customers about the way it collects and uses personal location data.The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) claims Google collected, kept and used "highly sensitive and valuable personal information" of Android phone and tablet users with
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How to protect yourself from doxing

“Abandon hope all ye who enter.” This ominous inscription affixed atop the gates to Hell in Dante’s Divine Comedy applies peculiarly well to describe the state of the Internet today. It’s hard to draw a parallel to the utility that the Internet has offered to modern civilization—perhaps no other technological innovation has brought about greater chan
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Growing rate of robocalls threatens user privacy

When a person sees a call from an unknown number and picks up to hear a recorded voice on the other end, they’ve received a robocall. Some are helpful, such as reminders of upcoming doctor’s appointments or school announcements. However, the vast majority are from unsolicited parties trying to convince people to purchase products or services,
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Google chief warns visitors about smart speakers in his home

byLisa VaasApparently caught off-guard by a question from the BBC, Google hardware chief Rick Osterloh made up a privacy etiquette rule on the spot last week when he said that yes, homeowners should tell guests that they’ve got smart speakers running in their homes.At any rate, that’s what he does, he said.Here’s his reported response after
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TorGuard, NordVPN Respond to Breach Reports

VPN providers TorGuard and NordVPN have responded to reports that their systems have been breached, and both blame the incident on a third-party service provider.Hackers have leaked private RSA keys and information on configuration files that were stolen from a NordVPN server last year.At least three private keys appear to have been stolen from the server, i
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