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2021: Our cybersecurity predictions for the new year

However you look at it, 2020 has been one of the strangest years ever. Many of us were able to work from home for the first time, online shopping became the norm, and for long periods of time, video calling was the only way we could talk to our loved ones. So what can we expect in the new year? An increase in scammer activity Security researchers have recent
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What to expect from 2021?

Waving goodbye to 2020 is certainly not the hardest thing to do, there are not that many people who would miss the year humanity got ravaged by a deadly pandemic. A lot of things changed in our lives over the last twelve months, and many of those changes are destined to become part of the new normal. The cybersecurity world experienced some drastic changes,
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Cybersecurity predictions for 2021: automation set to drive spear phishing campaigns

In August, a cybersecurity webinar for US federal agents set out the leading security trends in their field. The event was attended by leading experts and cybersecurity directors from organizations such as the public/private partnership ACT-IAC and the US space agency NASA. The latter’s CIO, Mike Witt, explained, “We’ve got to get away from the mind-set of ‘
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In 2017, less malware and more advanced attacks

The decline in new malware and the increased professionalization of attacks will set the tone in cybersecurity for next year, according to PandaLabs’ Cybersecurity  Predictions for 2017. Ransomware will encompass the majority of attacks, and companies will amass a larger number of increasingly advanced intrusions. As far as cybersecurity goes, we bid farewe
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It starts now: 2017 mobile security predictions from Gartner

Gartner just published its “Predicts 2017: Endpoint and Mobile Security” report that includes findings and recommendations. I believe three of these to be significant for mobile security and for InfoSec and technology leaders heading into the new year. My take on these findings is below. 1. Mobile attacks and vulnerabilities are increasing The first signif
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Your phone will become more important than your password

The password may be one of the worst security elements we have. They are oftentimes easily guessed because we, as humans, are generally pretty bad at creating and remembering them. So, we use weak passwords across multiple accounts. We use simple passwords like “123456” or “password.” We share our passwords with our friends and family members (I’m looking a
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Looking forward and looking back: Lookout’s Cybersecurity Predictions

About this time each year, cybersecurity pundits cast predictions for what issues will make headlines in the year to come. We’ve certainly contributed our fair share. Instead of assessing what the next 365 days will bring—an arbitrary timeframe, if you ask me—we’re looking forward with a three year rolling window. We’ll re-examine every year, highlighting wh
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2016 Predictions: The Fine Line Between Business and Personal

Like any other year, 2015 had its mix of ups and downs in the world of security. A fine line exists between the threats that we face and the solutions we have at our disposal; any slip-up on the part of defenders can make an existing problem that much worse. The coming year will not be any different. In 2016, cyber extortionists will devise new ways to targe
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2014 – the year that hacking got nasty

2014 – the year that hacking got nasty I don’t usually like annual summaries and predictions – they’re usually just last year’s with the dates changed. But this year it’s different; I fear that 2014 will be known as the year that hacking got nasty.Until now hack
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