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Pokemon-fan VXer developed the Linux Umbreon rootkit

Security researchers from TrendMicro have published an interesting analysis on the Linux Umbreon rootkit, a new malware developed by a Pokemon-fan VXer. Malware researchers from TrendMicro have obtained samples of a new strain of Linux rootkit from one of its trusted partners. The new rootkit family was called Umbreon (ELF_UMBREON family), from the name of o
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Pokémon Go: the Security Cost of Catching ’em All

For the past two weeks, full-grown adults, college students and children have all been roaming around the country in search of Pokémon (gotta catch ’em all, right?). This augmented reality mobile phenomenon has removed people from their home and encouraged them to explore their neighborhoods, but catching them all has come at a cost: beyond the physical issu
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Gotta Catch ‘Em All! – WORLDWIDE! (or how to spoof GPS to cheat at Pokémon GO)

The moment, when your team leader asks you to cheat at Pokémon GO…everyone knows it, right? No? Well, I do
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iOS version of Pokémon Go is a possible privacy trainwreck [Updated]

Update: Niantic has confirmed in a statement that the Pokémon Go app requests more permissions than it needs but that it has not accessed any user information. Google will automatically push a fix on its end to reduce the app's permissions, and Niantic will release an update to the app to make it request fewer permissions in the first place. The full stateme
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Pokemon X and Y Tumblrs: Warn your Kids

A gentle reminder not to leave your kids alone with their best friend ever, the internet. Pokemon X and Y is by all accounts a raging success, and if the smaller members of your household go Googling for things related to said title, they may well end up on a site such as the below promising a PC download of the new game. pokemonxetyromemulateur(dot)tumblr(d
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