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What Are the Ways to Respond to an Unintentional HIPAA Violation?

Accidents or mistakes are bound to happen. Even if healthcare providers and business associates are compliant to HIPAA Standards, there is always a possibility of unintentional or accidental disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI). Accidental disclosure of PHI includes sending an email to the wrong recipient and an employee accidentally viewing a pa
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Healthcare Industry Is Four Times More Likely to Be Impacted by Advanced Malware than Other Industries

A new report reveals that the healthcare sector is four times more likely to suffer advanced malware attacks than is any other industry.Raytheon|Websense, a security firm dedicated to protecting organizations against targeted attacks and data theft, recently announced the publication of 2015 Industry Drill-Down Report – Healthcare. In it, Websense expl
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Let’ not Talk About PHI for a Moment, let’s Talk about Intellectual Property

Why this post?Over the past few months we have seen a number of reports on breaches of healthcare organizations and medical device manufacturers where the suspected or documented target was intellectual property data related to medical devices.  Some of these recent cases have received wide press coverage.As a result, the FBI has issued a wa
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