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Are Protection Payments the Future of Ransomware? How Businesses Can Protect Themselves

Ransomware has matured significantly over the previous decade or so. Initially thought to be a relatively basic virus that could be contained on a floppy disk, it can now damage global business infrastructures, stop healthcare systems dead in their tracks, mess with fuel supply networks, and disrupt transportation infrastructure.Its simplicity is what makes
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Virtual credit cards coming to Chrome: What you need to know

When you’re buying things online, reducing the exposure of payment details during transactions is one way to help reduce the risk of data theft. If you can hide this payment data and switch it out for something else entirely, even better. Google is proposing to do just that for customers in the US, with recently announced plans to offer a virtual cr
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CronRAT targets Linux servers with e-commerce attacks

There’s an interesting find over at the Sansec blog, wrapping time and date manipulation up with a very smart RAT attack. The file, named CronRAT, isn’t an e-commerce attack compromising payment terminals in physical stores. Rather, it looks to swipe payment details by going after vulnerable web stores and dropping payment skimmers on Linux servers. It’s
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Ransom disclosure law would give firms 48 hours to disclose ransomware payments

Organisations who find their networks hit by a ransomware attack may soon have to disclose within 48 hours any payments to their extortionists.That’s the intention of the Ransom Disclosure Act, a new bill proposed by US Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Deborah Ross.Ransomware victims are not currently required to report attacks or ransom pay
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Verizon’s 2020 Payment Security Report: Focusing on Strategy

Last year, I wrote about the Verizon Payment Security Report saying it was ”Not Just for PCI.” Verizon liked that post enough to include its introduction in this year’s version. This recognition was a wonderful surprise. Like last year’s report, the 2020 publication goes well beyond PCI in its information and recommendations.While PCI DSS forms the foundatio
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Caught in the payment fraud net: when, not if?

Sometimes, I think there are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and some form of payment fraud. Security reporter Danny Palmer experienced this a little while ago, and has spent a significant amount of time tracking the journey of his card details from the UK to Suriname. His deep-dive confirmed that it is easy to become tangled up in fraud, even if yo
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BlackHat 2017 – Positive Technologies researcher claims ApplePay vulnerable to two distinct attacks

BlackHat 2017 – Security expert at Positive Technologies claims ApplePay vulnerable to two distinct attacks. At the Black Hat USA hacking conference,  security researchers from Positive Technologies announced to have devised two distinct attacks against ApplePay exploiting weaknesses in the mobile payment method. ApplePay is considered today one of the
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Payment Solutions Firm Verifone Investigates Security Breach

Payment solutions provider Verifone is reportedly investigating a breach of its internal computer networks dating back to mid-2016 that may have affected a number of businesses running its point-of-sale (POS) terminals.According to a report by investigative journalist Brian Krebs, the payments giant said the extent of the breach is limited to its corporate n
Publish At:2017-03-08 22:35 | Read:8790 | Comments:0 | Tags:Latest Security News breach payment point-of-sale Verifone

A flaw in Samsung Pay could be exploited to remotely skim credit cards

The security expert Salvador Mendoza demonstrated that is it easy to steal Samsung Pay tokens and reuse them to make fraudulent purchases. The security researcher Salvador Mendoza has discovered a flaw in the Samsung Pay system that could be exploited by hackers to remotely skim credit cards. The attackers can steal Samsung Pay tokens and use them in another
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PayPal critical Flaw allows to steal all your funds

The expert Ebrahim Hegazy discovered a critical Stored XSS Vulnerability Paypal Critical Vulnerability to steal Users Credit Cards in ClearText format. The popular security expert Ebrahim Hegazy (@Zigoo0) has discovered a critical Stored XSS Vulnerability in “https://Securepayments.Paypal.com” that could be exploited by att
Publish At:2015-08-26 15:50 | Read:9216 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Hacking credit card payment PayPal

Visa, MasterCard Removing Passwords from 3D Secure

Payment giants Visa and MasterCard announced plans to eliminate the need for password authentication in the companies’ respective “Verified by Visa” and “SecureCode” payment platforms which are designed to add an additional layer of security to online transactions.In a press release, MasterCard announced that ultimate goal of an
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