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Cyber Security Tips for Parents and Children

How to protect your children from cyber threats The summer just gracefully glanced over our lives, and now it is time for things to get back to normal – we will soon start feeling the cold breeze and the days will become shorter. Even though that the good old days of casual dress code in the office are now gone, being back to reality has some positives too.
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Taringa Data Breach, over 28 Million users affected

The data breach notification website LeakBase reported to the colleagues at THN the Taringa data breach, over 28 Million users’ data exposed. Taringa, also known as ‘The Latin American Reddit’, is a popular social network used by netizens in Latin America to create and share thousands of posts every day on general interest topics. The dat
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Back to Basics: Six Simple Strategies to Strengthen Your Security Posture

Security threats can be scary, and the fear factor is understandable. Technological progress makes security a fast-moving target, with new and more sophisticated threats constantly emerging. The Internet of Things (IoT) is raising the stakes, putting the means of physical destruction in the hands of malicious actors. A sophisticated criminal underworld ecos
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More Than Half a Billion Passwords Compromised

A security research firm discovered that there’s an anonymous database containing more than 560 million passwords. The database is accessible on the Dark Web, and it is a compilation of information exposed by all major leaks over the last five years. It includes stolen account information from security breaches of LinkedIn, DropBox, LastFM, MySpace, Adobe, N
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Your Password is Already In the Wild, You Did not Know?

There was a lot of buzz about the leak of two huge databases of passwords a few days ago. This has been reported by Try Hunt on his blog. The two databases are called “Anti-Trust-Combo-List” and “Exploit.In“. If the sources of the leaks are not officially known, there are some ways to discover some of them (see my previous article abo
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Identifying Sources of Leaks with the Gmail “+” Feature

For years, Google is offering two nice features with his gmail.com platform to gain more power of your email address. You can play with the “+” (plus) sign or “.” (dot) to create more email addresses linked to your primary one. Let’s take an example with John who’s the owner of john.doe@gmail.com. John can share the email
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Trust, but Verify: Authentication Without Validation Is Naïve

Let’s face it: Authentication factors as we know them are not holding down the fort. The practice of providing something you know, something you have and something you are is failing, even when we are asked repeatedly to provide multiple factors of authentication. Passing Around Passwords Passwords are a dying breed. The excessive use of passwords, cou
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Default Settings, and Why the Initial Configuration is not the Most Secure

It’s true that it’s easiest and most convenient to start using new devices or software with their default settings. But it’s not the most secure, not by a long shot. Accepting the default configuration without reviewing what it actually is could be dangerous to your company’s confidential information. The default settings are predetermined by the manufacture
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Two Step Verification, and How Facebook Plans to Overhaul It

http://www.pandasecurity.com/mediacenter/src/uploads/2017/02/facebook-two-step-verification-300x225.jpgWe’ve all been there. You get a new smartphone or computer, and you have to slog through all of your first-time logins by manually typing out usernames, passwords, etc. Sometimes it happens that one of your accounts has a particularly difficult password tha
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Keychain, Apple’s Cloud-Based Tool That Safeguards Your Data

Safeguarding your company’s confidential information, in many cases, calls for having your employees create and properly manage a series of passwords. Not only should they choose complex credentials, but they should also vary among themselves. And they definitely should not be saved in easily accessible places, like a text document. Password managers come in
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Too Many Passwords: Is the End in Sight?

Since passwords are a shared secret between a user and a system, a threat vector exists at both the client and the service provider. Experts have declared for years that the password alone was never considered a long-term solution for securely identifying a user, according to CNET. End users are finding it increasingly difficult to protect their passwords fr
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Weak passwords are still the root cause of data breaches

Key findings of a new study conducted by Keeper Security that analyzed 10 million hacked accounts from breached data dumps for the most popular passwords. Users’ bad habits are still one of the biggest problems for the IT industry, weak passwords and their reuse on multiple websites every day potentially expose a billion users to cyber attacks. I’
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Can a Hacker Guess Your Password in Only 100 Attempts?

Making sure that our employees use complex and diverse passwords, both in and out of the workplace, is of vital importance. Not least because multitudes of confidential data could be at risk because of flimsy credentials, ones that are obvious and oft-repeated. To demonstrate the necessity of adequate protection that also allows for the handling of many dist
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No password? You’re asking to be hacked.

75 million smartphones in the US don’t have their passwords set on TransUnion’s latest Cyber Security Survey confirmed that Americans who feel extremely or very concerned about cyber threats have increased 20 percent since last year – from 46 percent in 2015 to 55 percent in 2016. Fears are legitimate – hacking and cyber security have even become one
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Almost half of companies save employee passwords in Word documents

There is a growing awareness of cybersecurity within companies, but are these companies taking action to improve their security? As seen in a recent study, 750 IT security decision-makers worldwide were surveyed to see whether they are “learning and applying lessons from high-profile cyber-attacks”, and if it influences their security priorities and decision
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