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What are SSL certificates?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates are what cause your browser to display a padlock icon, indicating that your connection to a websites is secure. Although the padlock may soon be hidden from view, certificates aren’t going anywhere. Let’s start with some definitions and explain some of the terminology. On a strictly technical level, S
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Chrome casts away the padlock—is it good riddance or farewell?

It’s been an interesting journey for security messaging where browsers are concerned. Back in the day, many of the websites you’d visit on a daily basis weren’t secure. By secure, I mean that they didn’t use HTTPS. There was no padlock, which meant that the traffic between you and the website wasn’t encrypted, and so it was vulnerable to being sn
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Demystifying two common misconceptions with e-commerce security

Online shopping has seen a dramatic increase in the months following the Covid-19 outbreak as more and more people opt-out of visiting physical stores. Such a phenomenon does not go unnoticed or without additional consequences. During the same time period, we have seen an increase in the usual scams but also digital skimming, the online equivalent of credit
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Important tips for safe online shopping post COVID-19

As more and more countries order their citizens inside in response to COVID-19, online shopping—already a widespread practice—has surged in popularity, especially for practical items like hand sanitizer, groceries, and cleaning products. When people don’t feel safe outside, it’s only natural they’d prefer to shop as much as possible from the safety of
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Dubious downloads: How to check if a website and its files are malicious

A significant amount of malware infections and potentially unwanted program (PUP) irritants are the result of downloads from unreliable sources. There are a multitude of websites that specialize in distributing malicious payloads by offering them up as something legitimate or by bundling the desired installer with additional programs. In November 2019, w
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