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Pacemakers prone to getting hacked

Recently the The FDA and Homeland Security have issued alerts about vulnerabilities in 4,65,000 pacemakers. The devices can be remotely “hacked” to increase activity or reduce battery life, potentially endangering patients. Feasible vulnerabilities: Absence of memory and encryption: In such embedded devices there is a lack to support proper cryptographic e
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Police Charge Ohio Homeowner with Arson Using Pacemaker Data

Law enforcement used an Ohio homeowner’s pacemaker data to arrest and charge him with insurance fraud and arson.On 19 September 2016, residents of the area around Court Donegal in Middletown, Ohio woke up to the sound of a “loud explosion.” One of the residents, Mike Huff, said his dogs began barking at 6:30 a.m. When he looked outside, he
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