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Apple Patches 50 Vulnerabilities Across iOS, OS X, Safari

Apple has piled on the patches already released by Adobe and Microsoft today, and pushed out updates for iOS, OS X, Apple TV, Safari, and it’s watch-based operating system watchOS this afternoon.Fifty-four vulnerabilities across OS X were patched Tuesday, including fixes for Mavericks v10.9.5, OS X Yosemite v10.10.5, and the most recent builds of OS X,
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If you return a tech gift this Christmas, make sure you erase all your data first

The first tip that something wasn’t quite right about the open-box tablet I had purchased from Fry’s Electronics was that fact that Marvel Contest of Champions appeared on the home screen.I had sought out the most run-down, crappiest tablet I could buy for our buying guide on productivity tablets, as an example of what not to buy during the holiday seaso
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Are Macs Good Enough at Fighting Security Threats in the Workplace?

Windows fanboys might not like to admit it, but Apple computers are steadily growing their foothold on corporate networks — even so, are IT bosses confident that Macs are doing a good enough job at fighting security threats?Privilege management firm, Avecto, says that it interviewed 100 CIOs and over 1,000 employees, generating a snapshot of business attitud
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VirusTotal Now Scans Mac Apps for Malware in a Sandbox

VirusTotal, a popular online file scanning service that analyzes files and URLs for the identification of malware, is now executing suspicious Mac apps inside a sandbox to improve its analysis and detection of Mac malware. VirusTotal now extracts behavioral information from scanned Mac executable files, an important step forward for the Google-owned file sca
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Beware scams in the wake of the App Store slip-up

Mac users began to have problems opening apps downloaded from the App Store Wednesday morning. This caused messages that the apps were damaged and would need to be re-downloaded from the App Store. It turned out that the problem was an expired cryptographic certificate at Apple, used to verify the legitimacy of these apps. Apple didn’t renew it in time
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How to Securely Empty Trash in OS X El Capitan

Previous versions of OS X used to have a Secure Empty Trash feature, which would securely delete the contents of the Trash. What this did was overwrite the files with zeroes, making it much harder — nearly impossible, in fact — to recover the files.Unfortunately, when OS X El Capitan was released, Apple removed the Secure Empty Trash feature due to a vulnera
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Report: 5 Times More Mac OS X Malware Seen in 2015 Than Ever Before

According to recent research, 2015 saw a record number of Mac OS X malware attacks, with experts confidently expecting the number to continue to soar significantly in the coming months.Source: Threat Research Report, Bit9 + Carbon BlackSecurity researchers at Bit9 + Carbon Black observed that in 2015 alone, the number of OS X malware samples has been five ti
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Has MacUpdate fallen to the adware plague?

A Twitter user named Ciro Urdaneta made a concerning discovery on Friday: In other words, it seems that MacUpdate, long considered to be one of the only remaining trustworthy download aggregation sites for the Mac, has succumbed to the same plague that has ruined most of the others: adware. Following Mr. Urdaneta’s hints, I sought out the Skype page o
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Is Mac malware on the rise?

Last week, Bit9 + Carbon Black released a paper stating that five times more malware for OS X has appeared in 2015 than during the previous five years combined. Their findings are interesting, but are not well understood by many Mac users. Some have reacted with disbelief, others with great fear for this dangerous new future. It turns out that the findings a
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Interface Tweaks for El Capitan

When you use a Mac, you probably want to adjust things so it's exactly right for the way you work. There are lots of ways you can tweak El Capitan to customize the way it displays. You can tweak the menu bar, alter the Dock, change Desktop wallpaper, zoom the cursor to make it bigger, and more.In this article, I'll tell you how to customize the way El Capita
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Apple Patches Include iOS 9.1 Update, Pangu Jailbreak Fix

It was only three weeks ago that Apple patched its core line of products and pushed its latest version of OS X, El Capitan. Yet another wave of patches arrived Thursday however to address scores of vulnerabilities in OS X, iOS, Safari, iTunes, and even the company’s smart watch operating system, watchOS.With the iOS update, iOS 9.1, Apple effectively k
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Think Apple OS X is below the malware radar? Think again

Instances of Apple OS X malware are soaring this year, already totaling more than five times the number tallied over the previous five years combined, according to an in-house Bit9 + Carbon Black tally.Instances totaled 180 from 2010 through 2014, but have already reached 948, according to “2015: The most Prolific Year in History for OS X Malware”, the r
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Is Apple's security honeymoon on OS X ending?

Apple scored unforgettable hits against Microsoft with its Mac vs. PC ads, which anthropomorphized Windows as a sneezing, miserable office worker.  Security experts always knew that the campaign was a clever bit of marketing fluff, one that allowed Apple to capitalize on Microsoft's painful, years-long security revamp.The landscape is changing, however.
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Researcher demonstrates how malware can bypass OS X’s “completely broken” Gatekeeper

Virus Bulletin 2015, Prague - Researcher Patrick Wardle says he "loves his Mac, but it's so easy to hack".At the VB2015 conference in Prague earlier today, Wardle explained to members of the security community how he had uncovered a way to easily waltz past one of the key safeguards that Apple built into its OS X operating system to block unauthorised code,
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Apple Patches 100+ Vulnerabilities in OS X, Safari, iOS

UPDATE Apple pushed out its latest operating system, El Capitan, yesterday, and while it boasts many security fixes, the update fails to address the outstanding vulnerability in Gatekeeper that came to light this week.The issue with Gatekeeper, as described yesterday by Patrick Wardle, the director of research at Synack, fails to verify whether an app runs o
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