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Apple confirms iOS 10 kernel source code left unencrypted intentionally

Apple confirms iOS 10 kernel code left unencrypted intentionally to improve OS performance and ensures that it will have no impact on security. The news is intriguing, while Apple announced the new release of its mobile operating system, the iOS 10, the experts discovered that its kernel is unencrypted. The researchers from MIT Technology who reviewed the
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Tracking Administrator Sessions in Windows Environments

[The post Tracking Administrator Sessions in Windows Environments has been first published on /dev/random] Tracking users with privileged access is a critical task in your security policy (SANS Critical Security Control #12). If the key point is to restrict the number of “power users” to the lowest, it’s not always easy. Most of them will a
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Publication of OS X Yosemite Zero-Day Highlights Importance of Responsible Disclosure

A security researcher has published a zero-day vulnerability found in the newest versions of OS X Yosemite apparently out of protest to Apple’s irresponsible behavior when it comes to patching its software for vulnerabilities.In a post published on his blog (to which we have deliberately not provided a link for security reasons), researcher Stefan Esse
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Google | Project Vault

Google’s Project Vault Is A Secure Computing Environment On A Micro SD Card, For Any Platform   Project Vault is a secure computer contained entirely on a micro SD sized device. Google’s ATAP said the micro SD format made sense because there’s already advanced security features on your phone, contained in the SIM card, which protects the things importa
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Which operating system is the most secure? Four points to remember.

No, you are almost certainly wrong if you tried to guess. A recent study shows that products from Apple actually are at the top when counting vulnerabilities, and that means at the bottom security-wise. Just counting vulnerabilities is not a very scientific way to measure security, and there is a debate over how to interpret the figures. But this is anyway a
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