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Safari, Chrome, Firefox: Which is the most private browser for Mac?

Everyone needs a web browser, and while Safari comes pre-installed on Macs, many people choose to use a different browser. You may want to do this for compatibility reasons—there may be sites or services you use that Safari doesn't handle correctly—or because you use a different browser at work; if you want to be able to sync bookmarks and history from your
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Is Safari the most private browser for iPhone and iPad?

If there's one app that just about everyone uses on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, it's a web browser. You use your browser to get information, to shop, and for entertainment. iOS devices come with Apple's Safari browser pre-installed, but you can use a different browser if you wish. Unfortunately, on iOS you can't set a different browser as the default,
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1.7M Opera Sync Users Asked to Reset ALL Passwords Following Breach

The Opera browser warned 1.7 million users of its sync system to reset their synced third-party passwords following a breach.On 26 August, developer Mark “Tarquin” Wilton-Jones announced the incident on Opera’s website:“Earlier this week, we detected signs of an attack where access was gained to the Opera sync system. This attack was
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Opera warns Opera Sync users of possible security breach

The Norwegian company warned the users that the Opera Sync service of a possible security breach that might have exposed their data. On Friday, Opera, published a security alert to warn its users that the Opera Sync service might have been breached. In response to the alleged incident, Opera forced a password reset for all Sync users that were informed via m
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Adobe, Microsoft Patch Critical Security Bugs

Adobe has pushed out a critical update to plug at least 52 security holes in its widely-used Flash Player browser plugin, and another update to patch holes in Adobe Reader. Separately, Microsoft released 11 security updates to fix vulnerabilities more than 40 flaws in Windows and related software. First off, if you have Adobe Flash Player Installed and haven
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Why is Google sending insecure browsers back in time?

The Google search home page is famously simple and, well, famous.It's so famous and so familiar that when it changes, even a little, we tend to notice. A few days ago a user going by the moniker DJSigma noticed a fault and reported it on the Google product forum.The Google search page had seemingly gone back in time.A few minutes ago, Google's homepage rever
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ITsecurity Daily News: 08/21/2014

ITsecurity Daily News: 08/21/2014 The ITsecurity daily security briefing: Thursday, August 21, 2014.If you find this security briefing useful, please spread the word via social media. If you have any comments or recommendations, please email kevtownsend at gmail dot com.NewsPapers/Repo
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