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Selling Online Gaming Currency: How It Makes Way for Attacks Against Enterprises

Offhand, companies and enterprises being affected by attacks like DDoS against the online gaming industry may be far-fetched. But the gaming industry, being a billion-dollar business with a continuously growing competitive community, is naturally bound to garner attention from cybercriminals. A recent wire fraud case, for instance, allowed a group of hackers
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PlugX Malware Found in Official Releases of League of Legends, FIFA Online 3

Games have always been a popular social engineering lure to trick users into downloading malware into their PCs. Cybercriminals try to package their malware to look as authentic and legitimate as possible. But sometimes, they go the extra mile and package their malware with the legitimate game. Compromised Official Releases This was certainly the case for PC
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Another game developer flees her home following Gamergate death threats

US-based game developer Brianna Wu was driven from her home over the weekend after a troll posted her address online and threatened to rape, kill and mutilate her.The Twitter account was taken out under the name "Death to Brianna", with the handle @chatterwhiteman.It's been inactivated, but Wu posted the threats made against her and her husband:Here's what o
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Twitch Chat Spreading Eskimo Malware

Online gaming are becoming popular website that can be used by attackers to promote malicious software. New case have been reported by F-secure in Twitch.tv that have more then 50 million visitors. The attack starts by adding an advertisement banner on chat page that invite users to participate in a raffle to win a counter strike prizes.The link leads to ja
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How dare you use my camera! 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

Got a minute to spare?Watch this week's 60 Second Security...→ Can't view the video on this page? Watch directly from YouTube. Can't hear the audio? Click on the Captions icon for closed captions.In this episode:• [0'05"] 220 million records stolen in South Korean breach• [0'21"] 97,000 Bugzilla email addresses and passwords exposed• [0'3
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Massive Data Breach Impacts 27 Million South Koreans

South Korean authorities have reported a massive data breach affecting more than 70 percent of South Korea’s population after a group of hackers successfully extracted the personal information of 27 million users from various gaming and movie ticketing websites.According to local media, the scheme led to the arrest of a 24-year-old man, known as Kim, and 15
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World of Warcraft account hacked – should thieves face jail?

Account hackers and thieves who loot magic weapons, armor and hard-won game currency from players in massively multiplayer titles such as World of Warcraft should face the same sentences as real-world thieves, a politician has suggested. The British Member of Parliament Mike Weatherley, chief advisor to Prime Minister David Cameron on intellectual property,
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