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Black Friday 2020: How to shop safely online

Black Friday 2020 promises to be somewhat different from years gone by thanks to COVID-19. The annual surge of in-store chaos and trolley dashes isn’t compatible with social distancing, and so retailers will be looking to drive shoppers online. Friday 27th November is when things kick off this year, and yet some aspects will be radically different. If you
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Survey: 90% of Internet Users Don’t Know How To Protect Themselves Online

In a recent survey by tech giant Mozilla, an overwhelming majority of Internet users admitted they are not informed about how to protect themselves online.The survey polled over 30,000 participants from around the globe – including France, Germany, Australia, Canada, the US and the UK – in an effort to learn more about users’ views on privacy, encryption and
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Some Unorthodox Back-To-School Online Safety Tips For the Tech Savvy

Have you read the latest online safety back-to-school tips? Some of the advice is excellent, such as resisting the urge to click on unsolicited links in text messages, locking your phone before you put it down, and never sharing your passwords.However, to the tech-savvy among us, these bits of advice make us roll our eyes with a sigh of “same old….”So,
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BleepingComputer Defends Freedom of Speech

Hey folks, Very recently, a very popular and useful website called Bleeping Computer reached out to the community at large asking for help. See, Bleeping Computer is known for helping out folks remove malware and keep their systems safe, without charging any fee or additional costs, similar to our own support forums. The content is provided by the volunteer
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Fake online Avast scanner

Thanks to a tip from a friend, we came across a fake online scanner that abuses the good name of Avast. The idea to get you to visit this site is by waiting for someone to make a typo and end up at facebooksecuryti(dot)com. The site shows a picture of a pornographic nature just long enough to redirect you to the fake online scanner at avast(dot)services. T
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When Trolls Come in a Three-Piece Suit

A University of Manitoba study in September 2014 revealed what we already instinctively know about trolls: They just want to have fun. It even went on to say that online trolls, whose behavior extends from the digital world to the real, tend to manifest behaviors of sadism more so than psychopathy (the inability to feel empathy towards others, unemotional) o
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Fraud Can Happen Anytime, Anywhere, and to Anyone

We’re no strangers to fraud. Thanks to the digital age, most of us at least have an idea that stealing something doesn’t just involve money and physical things anymore. Criminals can steal card details, account credentials, and even another person’s identity. We also have a general idea of how these are done, usually without their victims k
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Malwarebytes joins the Online Trust Alliance

Online security is a serious matter. But it isn’t a one-person type of job. Which is why, today, we’re joining up with the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) as part of their Advisory Council to help make the internet a safer place and to protect users’ online security, privacy and identity. We’ve previously teamed up with other security companies and blogs, includ
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Logging In and Captcha

What is Captcha? CAPTCHA (“Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”) is one of the annoyances that we have learned to take for granted when we browse the internet. Captcha is a method developed to tell humans and bots apart. The main goal is to keep bots from accessing sites or systems where they are not welcome
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10 tips to maintain an online presence in a privacy-hostile world

Privacy is such a hot topic these days due in large part to the recent revelations about the NSA which have launched an unprecedented uproar from both supporters and critics. But beyond these headlines, we are subject to countless and silent attempts at mining information about our habits, health, opinions and more either indirectly or because of our own doi
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100 Cites in 100 Days Starts Today!

Today, to coincide with Data Privacy Day, we wanted to let you know about a new computer security initiative called “100 Cities in 100 Days”. The Identify Theft Council created this project to persuade cities to commit to doing at least one thing to aid community awareness about identity theft, privacy and cybercrime across California and beyond. Malwarebyte
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2014 and Beyond Online Threat Report

As the end of 2014 is approaching, it is time to look back at some of the big security threats and incidents that took place this year. Unsurprisingly, attackers have gotten more sophisticated and have gone after bigger targets. Indeed, many small and medium-sized businesses as well as large organisations fell victim to spear phishing attacks and security br
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The Price of FREE!

We all like FREE! stuff. But for most of us, we don’t just go for anything and everything that has a zero price tag. We also look at how a product or service can be useful for us, as well. Online, FREE! thrives. Social networking sites, certain blogging platforms, and several digital retailers,such as Amazon for their free e-books, provide access and o
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What are Online Problematic Situations: EU Kids Speak Up

The London School of Economics and Political Science, in partnership with the EU Kids Online Network, published a long white paper (171 pages!) about what children perceived as online problematic situations (OPS), in contrast to what researchers and/or parents thought were problematic, and why. The report also highlighted the types of risks children are awar
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Don’t let mobility be your Achilles’ heel

We are not living in the Internet era anymore, we are in the mobility era. At least I use my desktop computer less and less, and spend more and more of my on-line time on mobile devices. They are just so convenient. You can utilize spare time on the bus or train to check up on the latest news. And the tablet is even more convenient than a newspaper. A shower
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