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New Year’s Resolution: Cull Your Notifications – Intego Mac Podcast Episode 169

There’s new malware attacking cryptocurrency apps, WhatsApp warns users about data it is sharing with Facebook, and Apple loses a copyright fight with a company that virtualizes iOS so security researchers can look for vulnerabilities. We also look at how you can manage and secure notifications on your devices, so you don’t get too distracted, an
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SearchDimension search hijackers: An overview of developments

Background information on SearchDimension SearchDimension is the name of a family of browser hijackers that makes money from ad clicks and search engine revenues. The family was named after the domain searchdimension.com that popped up in 2017, and they still sometimes use the letter combo SD in the names of their browser extensions. Recent development
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File-sharing and cloud storage sites: How safe are they?

There it is again—that annoying message that pops up when your email client informs you that a file is too big to attach. Those of us that are confronted with this problem on a regular basis—and those of us that want to attach files that could get picked up by anti-malware scanners along the way—have probably resorted to using file-sharing sites to help solv
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Manage and Secure Notifications on Your iPhone, iPad, and Mac

In general, our computing devices are passive. They perform tasks for us when we click buttons or enter some text, but otherwise they just wait for our commands. With the rise of mobile devices, "push" notifications became a way for our devices to alert us when certain things happen. We can get notified when we get text messages, phone calls, or em
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Fake Android notifications – first Google, then Microsoft affected

byPaul DucklinThanks to Craig Jones, Director of Information Security at Sophos, and the Sophos Security Teamfor their behind-the-scenes work on this article.If you’re a Google Android user, you may have been pestered over the past week by popup notifications that you didn’t expect and certainly didn’t want.The first mainstream victim seems
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Adware.Adposhel takes over your web push notifications administration

Since late last year our researchers have been monitoring a new method concerning web push notifications being deployed by an adware family detected by Malwarebytes as Adware.Adposhel. What does Adware.Adposhel change? The adware uses Chrome policies to ensure that notification prompts will be shown and add some of their own domains to the list of site
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