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IT Auditing 2.0: Changing Your Definition of an Audit

Posted August 18, 2015   Nick CavalanciaEveryone in IT knows the word – Audit. But, after years in this industry, and speaking with countless IT folks, it is apparent that not everyone has the same definition. For some, it means checking the current state of security. For others, it’s a review of a maintained log of changes over a period of ti
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On Demand Webinar: Preserving and Protecting Privileged Passwords

Posted July 9, 2015   BeyondTrust SoftwareAs mentioned in a blog post earlier this week, industry expert Nick Cavalancia, joined us for a live webinar — Privileged Passwords: Preserving and Protecting in the Face of Peril.  The webinar is available now, here’s a quick summary:Elevated privileges are a necessary part of IT. After al
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